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20 Reasons Why Someone Buys A Book


How can authors sell a new book, with success and excitement?  

According to Jeff Walker, a No. 1 NYT best-selling author, there are nine potential mental triggers that get people to buy something. In his updated book, Launch: How To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams, he identifies the following nine motivations to a purchase: 

  1. Trust

People will buy from those they trust. Put people at ease by demonstrating they can trust you.  

2.                  Anticipation

Grab people’s attention so that they feel they can’t wait to have your book. 

3.                  Reciprocity

Make people feel obligated to you.  Give them something for free, many will repay you with a purchase.


4.                  Authority

Intimidate others by sounding like you are the expert, the person in charge, the one elected mayor. 


5.                  Scarcity

Make it seem there is a rare opportunity available.


6.                  Social Proof

Testimonials, reviews, media attention, or praise from Authoritative figures will help convince others to believe in you. 


7.                  Likeability

People buy from those they like. Maybe it’s your personality, voice, looks. Accent, cloths, or intellect -- whatever it is one needs to connect with you in order to open their wallet.


8.                  Community

Peer pressure helps you sell books. If people feel you offer or represent what others are interested in, they’ll be interested too. 


9.                  Events & Ritual

Making people feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves will draw them in. 


I would also add these:

10.      Appeal to Wealth, Health, Sex, Politics, Sports Entertainment, or Faith

Few things of need or desire fill beyond the above subject matters. Nothing pushes buttons more than an appeal to money, power, or pleasure. 


11.              Enlighten, Entertain, Inspire, Inform, or Escape

Do at least one of these, and people will be interested.


12.              Offer Insights On A Trend

People don’t want to miss out on what is- or what will be the next new thing. 


13.              Status

Win an award? Hit a best-seller list? Readers want to read what’s been validated by others in the know.

14.              Price

Yes, price can be a factor, so be aware of your pricing.


15.              Packaging & Format

How a book looks and feels matters. From paper quality, cover design, and typeface/ font, people buy on looks. They also buy based on format. Some prefer audio, or paperback, or hardcover, or e-book. Having in as many formats as possible opens up your sales opportunities. 

16.        Publishing Brand

Some, but not all readers, pay attention to whether a book is self-published or not. 


17.              Timing

Is the book's subject matter in the news? Does it tie into a holiday, anniversary, or honorary day of the week.  Are you offering an umbrella on the day it’s raining?

18.              Competition

Is your book better than most others on the same subject?


19.              Mood

What mood is the book buyer in as he or she contemplates buying your book?


20.              Whim

Is the reader ready to try something new or take a chance on an unknown author?


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