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Overcoming 37 Barriers To Promote Your Book Successfully

There are many impediments to one promoting their book, especially in regards to time, money, connections, knowledge, skills, strategy, and opportunity. But perhaps the biggest barrier one must overcome is themselves.

What challenges you psychologically and emotionally? Which mental hang-ups hold you back from really successfully marketing your book?


Here are 37 areas to examine and address if you are to finally break through the limitations that have constrained your efforts:

You don’t need anyone’s approval to market your book. That means you don’t have to ask for permission of anyone nor seek anyone’s approbation to do whatever you feel is necessary to promote yourself.

Do not let memories of past failures or losses shame you into not trying again. Learn from your experiences but don’t let the lesson be that you should not take risks and try again.

Be decisive about what you want and fully commit to that choice. There is a time to evaluate, question, and doubt. That is called research and due diligence. Once that is done, commit your body, mind, and soul to fully support your decision and leave the second-guessing to others.

Make decisions, not excuses. Stop overthinking and start doing. Take action and do your best even if everything is not aligned perfectly.

It is never too late to pursue a dream or take action now. Stop trying to defend why you do nothing. Take that energy and move in the direction of your goals.

Let go of yesterday’s anger and stress so you can focus on pursuing fresh opportunities.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed of living your truth.

Stop running from problems that bottleneck you and need to be fixed.

Why procrastinate? There is no upside to delaying the doing of what needs to be done. Try procrastinating on procrastinating.

It is okay to have a down day, not a down month. Allow for an expression of tears, fears, and screams — and then move on. One setback should not anchor you.

Do not seek perfection. You are a work in progress. Don’t settle for mediocrity but don’t hold out for perfection or the ideal.

Choose to see things differently. Don’t just accept things as you think they are or should be.

Moving on is not giving up. Know the difference – and unstuck yourself by going forward – always.

Bigger results can cone when you narrow you focus or scope of work. Don’t try to do everything at once.

Have fun. Yes, this is important. Enjoy the journey.

Keep it simple. Make things less complex by simply finding the quickest, easiest, most efficient way to accomplish something.

Just go for it. When in doubt, take action. Keep moving. Eventually you will get somewhere.

Give to get. Share, help others, and offer assistance – it will come back to you.

Your book is not for everyone. Do not think otherwise. Focus on your readership niche. Target to those who really should care – and dismiss the rest.

20. Don’t make quick judgments or major declarations without surveying your options.

21. Don’t forget to look at yourself before focusing on everyone else. Sometimes, you are the problem.

22. Never think it is too late to achieve something or to get started.

24. Why worry about things that can’t be changed?
Accept what can’t be changed, but fully try to alter what can be changed.

Stop seeking justification for why things have not turned out as desired. No time for pity or whining. Just pursue your goals.

Set goals and get your priorities in order.

Take ownership of and responsibility for your goals. No one else will or can achieve them for you.

Don’t overlook what you have or can do to only focus on what you lack or can’t do. Accept your weaknesses and embrace your strengths. Always believe in yourself and give yourself the benefit of doubt.

Dump negative people and naysayers. They either support you or they don’t . Get some rah-rah around you. Some critics are needed to keep you grounded, but people who are negative by nature and being you down need to be quarantined.

Take the positive and optimistic approach. Yes, there is such a thing. Choose to believe, to hope, to see things as possible. Life becomes what you see it as.

Break up some of your routine. To do exactly the same thing, in the same way, every single day, will not help you grow.

It is time to change your approach to change. Get out of your comfort zone.

Finish what you start.

34. There is no upside to being disorganized, unprepared, or uninformed.

Don’t feel you have to be in control of everything. Trust in others to help you.

Prune all non-essential activities from your schedule today and obsessively rally around your single-minded priority.

Confront the hard stuff the second thing in the day. First thing: do something that is simple, easy, quick, and confident-building. Then get to what you hate or fear. Tackle the tough stuff and then get over that hump to achieve a lot more.


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