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25 Messages That Sell Lots of Books


When selling a book, what type of messages might be effective?  

Regardless of genre, authors have many ways to hype their book and inspire someone to make a purchase. Here are 25 ways to prompt someone to buy your book: 

1. Display enthusiasm and passion. If you show excitement, others will feel the same about what you offer. 

2. Share something that people desire or need. Determine why people would buy your book. What could your book deliver that you know appeals to what many people need or want? 

3. Offer support and a sense of community or companionship. Use language that expresses how you identify with them. Let them feel you are part of their tribe, that you relate to their plight. 

4. Exude confidence. We are drawn to charismatic people who express a vision and sound and look like nothing will derail their mission. 

5. Express competence and knowledge. Sound smart, insightful, and in the know and you will pierce the resistance armor of consumers. 

6. Identify with your reader. Ask them questions. Show that you care about them, understand and appreciate them, and that you can relate to them. Smile. Be their friend. 

7. Look the part. If you look and sound like what you write about you will make a good impression. Yes, having a melodic voice, great body, good-looking face, and nice clothes will wrap up your present nicely.  

8. Trash the competition — humbly. Indicate that other books fail to deliver all that you offer.  

9. Guilt people into buying. Try everything. Appeal to their heart and values. 

10. Scarcity.  Special offer. Limited opportunity. Exclusive offer. Make an offer they can’t refuse. Make it sound like a unique, time-sensitive offer awaits them. 

11. Spark curiosity. Invite wonder. Say something that makes them want to know more. Lure them in so they care. 

12. Secret revealed. Be provocative and seductive. Hint that your book reveals something that the reader would want to know or be shocked to experience. 

13. Solution to a problem provided. Help others help themselves. Give advice, inspiration, entertainment or information that proves useful. 

14. Referred or validated by an authority. Get testimonials from those of authority, influence, or notoriety. Seek out awards, contests, or recognition — then boast of it. 

15. Offer insight and understanding to something of importance. Be a truth teller. Explain life to us, whether via fiction or non-fiction. 

16. Show how the purchase is a sign of support or a vote for change or a way to raise funds for a good cause. Support charities with a portion of your net proceeds.  Make your book purchase a sign of social action. 

17. Win them with your credentials. Sell them on who you are and how your professional work, personal experiences, and hobbies inform and qualify you to write your book. 

18. Show them the support of fellow readers, critics, and news media. Third-party validation is important. Professional book reviews, even if paid for, and consumer reviews, are important, both in quality and quantity. 

19. Use price as a reason not to walk away. Lower your price. Cut a deal. Offer the book with a free download, service, or item. Bundle it with something of value. 

20. Get a sympathy sale. Look like you need the sale. Sounding desperate can work. Beg for it. 

21. Smile. Laugh. People don’t buy from Debbie downers, frowners, and sad sacks. Give off a feeling of positivity and optimism. Negative vibes can be detected — and people will run the other way. 

22. Touch them emotionally. Use fear, joy, anger, desire, and whatever emotional trigger that your subject matter calls for. 

23. Tell stories, and share facts and stats. People are swayed by stories and real numbers.  

24. Provide a sense of urgency. The time is now. Act now! Scream fire. Get people to wake up and take a step of action by buying your book. 

25. Grab onto news headlines or trends. Tie your story or message to something timely or familiar. If that doesn’t work, associate your book with the big button pushers: sex, faith, or politics. Still no connection? Talk about dogs, nature, beauty, or travel. Drape yourself with what is popular, patriotic, or poignant.

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