Tuesday, February 8, 2022

How Do Authors Handle Failure?


Should you publish another book when the last one failed?

First, define what is failure — and success — for your book. How you define these terms determines how you see things. How you see things can impact book sales — and your life.

Next, probe why you are writing books. Are you:

*Seeking fame?
*Hoping to get rich?
*Trying to change society?
*Looking to build a brand of other products and services?
*Hoping to inform, inspire, enlighten or entertain another human being?

Knowing your why — and your goals — will help you measure whether your book succeeded.

Next, evaluate why your last book went nowhere, if it did not do well. Was it because:

*You didn’t seek out book reviews?
*It ignored when you did?
*The reviewers shredded you apart?
*You lacked the necessary time to promote it?
*You failed to properly invest in a publicity professional?
*You weren’t very active on social media?
*Your social media strategy was not very good?
*You failed to really execute what was a good social media plan?
*You didn’t get a lot of good testimonials?
*You lacked basic things, like a website or blog?
*You didn’t do all that could be done in other areas, such as advertising, speaking, traditional media, networking, direct marketing etc.?

Let’s look at the practice of your craft. Do you:

*like to write?
*write very good books?
*believe your words can impact others?
*feel you can produce a good book that adds to the shelves of what already exists?
*find the competition to be too big or tough to crack?

Basically, if you had to it all over, what would you change to ensure success? Better book? Better marketing? More resources poured in?

Were there circumstances beyond your control that hurt your book’s ability to succeed? Did covid shut down opportunities? Did you get sick or get hurt, impacting your abilities to promote? Did you overestimate what you would do? Did the marketplace change or did you guess wrong about what the market for your book would be?

Perhaps those who promised to do something didn’t do it. Letdowns are all around us. We even let ourselves down. We all fall prey to lies, delays, and unforeseen obstacles.

Unpack what went wrong, where, and why. Evaluate what could be changed the next time. Don’t be quick to give up as a writer, but don’t ignore any real signs that there is something fundamentally wrong.

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