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Why Do Authors Fear Book Marketing?


“It has, been proven that emotionally, a loss ‘weighs’ about twice that of a similar gain. Social scientists call this loss aversion.,, 

“The fear of losing something motivates people more than the prospect of gaining something of equal value… 

“We can’t fight it. Evil is more powerful and more plentiful than good. We are more sensitive to negative than to positive things. On the street, scary faces stand out more than smiling ones. We remember bad behavior longer than good -- except of course when it comes to ourselves.” 

-         The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli

Authors shit their pants when they have to think about marketing their books. It doesn’t have to be that way.  

Fears, it seems, can have a great impact on our behavior than the allure of rewards and goals of achievement. Translation: We are more risk-averse than reward-motivated.   

It should be the other way around, especially for authors.  

Relatively unknown and struggling authors have a lot to gain - and little to lose -- by trying to get media coverage for their book or to market themselves. To do little or nothing will only likely lead to getting little or nothing in return. Why let your book languish when you could do something to succeed?  

Let’s break it down. What do authors fear?  

Losing After Trying? 

You don’t really lose -- you may just not get a YES when reaching out to others for something. But it’s not a loss. You don’t lose a sale -- you just failed to make one. But by not trying, you lose in the sense that you greatly limit your potential to succeed. 

Wasting Time?

No better use of time exists than that that which is put towards marketing yourself. Writing is important. But marketing your writing is just as important if you want people to read your book to know you exist. 

Spending Money?

If you need guidance and help, pay for it, just like you would for a tutor, plumber, lawyer, accountant, etc. Spending money wisely is important, but the idea of spending any money is a given. Invest in yourself.  

Being Criticized Publicly?

Who cares if some people write negative reviews or spew mean criticism that seems unwanted? Don’t expect perfection. We can’t please all of the people all of the time. Live for the yesses  -and be tone deaf to “NO.”


Yes, authors fear success. It puts expectations, burdens, and desires to the fore that otherwise would stay locked up. Any success could lead to more success, but then you risk an actual loss or failure should the next book not do as well as the last one. So what? Each book is a lottery ticket to fame, fortune, and to position yourself to helping others. Take that shot and fear not success nor failure. Fear inertia! 

Confront, analyze, and dismiss your fears. They don’t mean shit. Get out there and hustle your book or resign yourself to screaming in a soundproof room.  

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”



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