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An Urgency Of Authors To Act On Dreams

Do your goals far exceed your ability to execute them?

Do you excel at dreaming, but not doing?

Are you always planning and lining things up, but not actually executing on the things you need to do to realize your goals? 

Welcome to the planet that most authors live on. They exist in their mind, not in the actual world. I am not just talking about their process for writing and creating; I am talking about their marketing.  

All too often, too many authors think — but don’t do. They want — but fail to act. They need to bridge the gap between hope and success.

So, how can authors take a better approach to executing their hopes and desires? Simply, they must move from their minds to their hands and start doing more than ponder. 

Here is my nine-step process for turning a thought and feeling into a reality:

1. Imagine and Dream Big

This stage seems to be perfected by authors, but most don’t get beyond this point. Still, look to build on a foundation of big ideas. It all starts with a dream. 

2. Get Real On One Thing

Now, filter your ideas and find one to actualize. To turn a thought into a reality, focus on it — and park your other genius ideas in order to give one your fullest attention.

3. Think and Plan

Move from daydreaming to hard brainstorming and plan the steps to executing your vision. Look at the details. Identify your resources. Make a budget. Develop a timeline. Be specific.

4. Research and Test

Great ideas are easy to come by. Put them to the test. Get feedback from people. Research how to best execute your plan. Do a small trial run. Listen to feedback. See where problems arise.

5. Network A Lot And Often

All ideas need financial help, favors, emotional support, and access to markets. Make friends. Lots of them. Always meet people and connect online and in person. Learn what people do, what they like, who they know, and what their skills are. Make note. Stay in touch. Ask for help.

6. Initiate and Act 

Make the leap from thought to talk to action. You are not waiting for an offer or to be told to do something. You don’t wait for permission or approval from anyone. Act. Now. Again.

7. Follow-Up

Anyone can think up an idea. Initiation takes courage and energy. Follow-up is even more important. That is what closes deals and gets shit done. 

8. Retool

Make changes to your plans as you test things, get feedback, learn more information, or spot emerging opportunities. You will always need to rejigger things. Success is not static. 

9. Get The Result
Do whatever it takes to get the desired result. Once you have the formula, repeat and rinse. Once you hit a milestone, set another. Success breeds more challenges — and more success.

Authors, move with a sense of urgency and priority. You will get to wherever you want to go, provided you set a destination in your book marketing GPS. 

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