Monday, October 14, 2013

Book Marketing Blogging Tips For Authors

1.      If you don’t have a blog today, start one now. Don’t wait, don’t debate it, don’t bullshit yourself into thinking you don’t want one, that you can’t find the time, that you have nothing to say.

2.      If you have a blog, make sure you are blogging at least two or three times a week, and five to seven if possible.

3.      Your blog posts do not have to be very long -- sometimes just 300-500 words will suffice. But it’s good to alter your blog post length so that readers see a varying depth to what you have to say.

4.      Determine what you generally will blog about and start to map out your own editorial calendar. Try to work at least a week in advance of publishing any post. The more material you can write and save up, the better you’ll be for times when you are busy, or on vacation, or just tired and brain dead.

5.      Look at other blogs -- decide what you like and don’t like about them and then incorporate the best elements into your own style.

6.      Have catchy headlines for each post -- that’s what draws people in and helps you with SEO.

7.      Feel free to fill your blog with content from others. Perhaps you post interviews there or you comment on the blogs or articles of others. Or you have guest bloggers post something.

8.      Be yourself and form a blogging persona. Will you voice be one that is witty or angry or sad? Will you be an advocate or an educator? Will you entertain or inform? Will you invite debates and push buttons or will you tell stories and share ideas or advice? Just how provocative do you feel comfortable being?

9.      Edit carefully and be sensitive toward choices.

10.  Know the difference between fact and opinion, truth and lies, news and features.

11.  Respond to those who post comments on your blog.

12.  Be willing to experiment.

13.  The blog helps define your brand, so make it consistent with whatever else you do or seek to accomplish.

14.  Litter your content with good keywords.

15.  Your blog is not a substitute for a Web site or Facebook page. You need all three.

16.  Design your blog well:

·         Short paragraphs
·         Use headers and bullet points
·         Bold key items
·         Provide lists and number items
·         Use a readable font
·         Add relevant images

Lastly, if you read your post just before publishing it and you feel like it doesn’t wow you, don’t post it. There’s too much mediocre, ordinary, or boring content circulating. Don’t add to that. Write something that sticks out, that you feel passionate about, and that you can envision others liking enough that they feel motivated to share it with others.

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