Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fiction Authors Need to Find Their True Identity

When novelists pen their books they could write about any subject, set the story anywhere, have it take place during any time period, and stock it with all types of characters and events. This same imagination will need to be called upon when the fiction author creates his or her identity for the public he hopes to impress.

What will you call yourself, as a novelist? Are you a master story teller? Are you action-driven? Is it about the dialogue? What kind of label do you want put on your works?

Whatever you do, choose it before others bestow one on you.

Non-fiction writers are usually experts first, writers second. For instance, a book on relationships is likely penned by someone with professional credentials whose experienced and training led him to write his book. One may refer to the author as a “relationship doctor” or a “marriage expert” or something similar.

But a novelist is much harder to define, especially when it’s your first book or if you write in multiple genres, Still, you’re looking for a moniker that fits like a glove. To have a nickname, a title, or some kind of identifiable trait helps people draw a picture of you, visualize your writings, and make it easier to remember you.

Here’s a checklist to help you think about what might influence your title or ID marker:

·         How would you describe your writing style?
·         How do you approach your writing?
·         What do you do professionally?
·         What special training do you have?
·         What school/degree did you attent/obtain?
·         What is the likely reader demographic for your book?
·         Do you possess any unique physical qualities or oddities?
·         Do you suffer from a disease, handicap, or illness?
·         Is your family famous or important?
·         On what subject do you write on?
·         Which well-known authors are you comparable to?
·         Have you won any awards or received critical recognition?
·         It was anything exceptional or different about how you live today?

·         Do you have any quirky habits?
·         Did you ever win or lose big at something?
·         Do you have any unusual hobbies?

You can be almost anyone, but before others can see you as someone you will need to establish who they will come to see.

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