Thursday, October 24, 2013

Writing For A Different World

Life In 2013 Is Upside Down

We live in interesting times. Behold:

·         A Republican House of Representatives passes budgets -- when it’s not shutting the government down -- that bleed $1.7 billion each day

·         A company can bring in annual revenue of 75 billion dollars and not turn a profit (Amazon).

·         We can watch TV on a phone and check e-mail on a TV.

·         The Red Sox, once a team that set a record on the A.L. for the longest streak of no championships (over 85 years), now is poised to have the most rings of the 21st century (If it beats the Cards).

·         We pay more for milk than we do for gasoline -- and gasoline is expensive!

·      Penthouse is bankrupt because publishing nude photos of women is now considered too tame for a porn-hungry society.

·         A black New Jersey mayor presided over the wedding of gay men – helping to redefine the role of race and sexual preference in the country.

·         Bloggers, many with no journalistic training or standards, are starting to replace daily news papers and traditional media.

·         No one can name the top-rated three comedies on TV in 2013,but anyone over 40 can name dozens of hit comedies from the 1970s and 80s

·         It used to be feared that an Orwellian state would be watching us now; now many people willfully give access to their private thoughts and actions via the surveillance of social media.

·         A normal price-to-earnings ratio on Wall Street is typically around 20 or 30:1. Time Warner is 17 and Apple is around 13; Google is 27. But Netflix price to earnings ratio is144; Amazon’s is 3430 and Facebook is 245:1. We live in a bubble society – things eventually burst.

Is there something you think is amazing, strange, alarming, hopeful, or weird about the world we live in? Let me know.

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