Sunday, October 6, 2013

Don Jon Is XXXcellent

The new movie, Don Jon, can be seen on multiple levels. On the one hand, it’s a love story. On the other hand, it offers probing social commentary on the subject of porn and its role in the lives of men. On both accounts, the entertaining and enlightening film is a home run.

The cast consists of the voluptuous Scarlett Johansson, aptly called a dime (10) on the hottie scale by her on-screen hunk beau, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He also directed and wrote this academy nominee-worthy movie. Completing the cast is Julianne Moore, who still has a sparkle in her eyes, even if she’s 20 years older than her lover, Levitt.

Perhaps the movie, aside from covering romance and porn, had a third theme worth exploring: 

Can a guy change his life only because his girlfriend demands him to do so -- or does true change only come about from within, so as to make that person better, and as a result, a better couple?

A good chunk of the movie revolves around Levitt’s love of porn. He admits that no matter how many women he sleeps with- and there are many- and no matter how hot they are --and they are scorching --he can’t be denied the carnal pleasures provided to him via his laptop.

When Johansson discovers his extra-curricular activities, she demands he cease self-pleasuring but quickly finds he can’t resist gawking at anonymous women giving and getting pleasure on his computer screen.

The question early on is: Why do guys watch porn if they are getting a lot of sex from attractive women? Then the question becomes: Can a guy give up his porn, if asked? Lastly, it moves to a different question, once in love, will a man just willingly lose the need or desire to view porn?

Maybe these are questions millions of men and couples grapple with. Perhaps it’s a topic to be tackled on Showtime’s’ new hit show, Masters of Sex. Whatever one concludes, he or she is sure to be entertained by the onscreen antics of a visually-arresting cast.

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