Monday, January 6, 2014

Attending Conferences, Seminars, & Conventions Makes Sense

After attending a writers conference this past summer, it occurred to me that these conferences serve a great purpose, whether you’re a speaker, organizer, or attendee. They are worth the money if you gain something of value, and it seems that one will benefit from being at a conference if he or she makes an effort.

At a conference, you might:
-          Learn something.
-          Meet people who can help you.
-          Network with experts.
-          Feel part of a community.
-          Affirm you are on the right track by what you have.

In a world of digital communities and online gatherings, where no one talks to one another but talks at each other, a press-the-flesh conference gives us real life in 3D. It’s a great opportunity to bring multiple perspectives from a variety of backgrounds and regions together.

A conference is your chance to discover who you are. You measure yourself with other attendees. You take inventory of what you do or don’t know after hearing various speakers. You get to reinvent yourself with every new introduction. You can advance your cause and move closer to the reality you hope to achieve.

Just being at a conference can put you into a meditative state that helps you to gain clarity and tune out the world. You may find a moment to think in a way you had not up until that time.

Conferences break up our routines and get us out of our surroundings. They bring us to new cities and suddenly you feel like you are on a campus and the subject is life.

Of course, not all conferences are equal. Some are too long, too expensive, or too far away to be worthwhile. Others may not be on point as far as subject matter, and others may lack great speakers. But there are many seminars, conventions, and conferences in your own town or region that are worth exploring.

Never stop the learning process, no matter how much you think you know!


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