Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What Grounds You As An Author?

For many writers, the act of writing grounds them. It is their zone of comfort, security, and familiarity. It is a rewarding state of mind to be in the writing flow. But for many writers, they feel they lack grounding, especially when they are confronted by so many needs and desires that conflict with each other for the writer’s time and mindshare. The writer can be a divided, conflicted soul to begin with, but when you add the layer of life’s challenges and the demands of marketing one’s writing, well, it’s no wonder many writers can’t quite get what they are trying to achieve – fame, fortune, and success – or at least make an impact on many readers and society at large.

So is there something or someone that can ground you, so that you feel happy, secure, and confident, so that you operate out of an emotionally-balanced and less divided frame of mind? Or is it just the way life is for writers, to be tormented with no real solution?

Grounding can come in many forms. It starts with you having a mission or vision statement, a business plan, support from others, and an inner drive or sense of purpose. You need to quiet your mind so you can write what you feel you are destined to create.

Writing is a fulfilling experience and hopefully a financially rewarding one. To ground yourself, you need to dismiss all distractions. It doesn’t mean writing in a quiet room. I like writing in a bookstore or a noisy Starbucks. But it means to focus and compartmentalize. Carve out time to write and dedicate yourself to this opportunity. Turn your phone off and don’t let yourself get lost in chores and distractions.

When you don’t feel grounded, it shows in your writing – the quality and the volume. Find what grounds you and you’ll find the path to writing success is closer than you think.


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