Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Does Your Social Media Content Bore People?

You spend hours every week, perhaps daily, to build your social media footprint, hoping to create a brand of value or to get noticed by key people who can boost your career to the next level. Maybe you like connecting with others and getting your message out, influencing the world around you. But all of your social media may fail to penetrate the masses, simply because it lacks impact, personality, passion, usefulness, or a must-see quality. It could be causing insomniacs to snooze. Here are 20 tips to make sure your content exhilarates others?

1.      Provide news.

2.      Share valuable information.

3.      Present useful ideas.

4.      Convey interesting but short stories.

5.      Analyze important events.

6.      Spot a trend and comment on it.

7.      Introduce an influencer, perhaps with a Q & A.

8.      Solve a problem.

9.      Give something of value for free.

10.  Offer to do a favor.

11.  Appear to be a go-to person on a specific subject.

12.  Be fast to post about breaking news.

13.  Share the ideas of others that prove to be brilliant.

14.  Make others feel important, useful, or loved.

15.  Help others feel like they are normal – identify with their lives.

16.  Fulfill a desire or need of others.

17.  Be funny. Really funny!

18.  Show examples, statistics, factoids, or case studies that demonstrate how one can model successful behavior.

19.  Attack an institution, idea, event, or person.

20.  Say something outrageous, out of character, or very opinionated.

Good social media strikes a reasonable balance between providing facts with opinions, ideas with events, and words with images. Find a way to convey a powerful message that hooks people in without offending those who are loyal to you. But the minute you sense your social media is entering the snore zone, shake it up and inject it with something new and exciting.


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