Monday, January 20, 2014

Why Did You Write Your Book?

It may seem like a question that has an obvious answer, but the answer differs from author to author.  Why did you write your book?

You might answer in any or all of the following ways:
·         To be a calling card to get business clients
·         To become famous (ego)
·         To become a best-selling author (add to credentials)
·         To make money by selling books
·         To position yourself to create related books, products or services
·         To advance your career or business
·         To get a positive message out and influence others
·         To brand yourself as an expert and leader

You should think about what your goals are for your book by reevaluating your purpose for publishing it.  Your book marketing and publicity campaign should serve those goals and needs. 

There is an overlap in strategy, no matter the reason you published a book.  You still want a great title, attractive cover, well-edited and smartly priced book.  But there is a difference if you need to appeal to the masses vs. a niche group.

Knowing why you wrote your book and what your goals are should be in the back of your mind when carrying out your PR campaign – when drafting a press release, when creating your website, when using social media, when advertising, when speaking to groups, etc.

I guess one other reason people write books is because they love to write and feel writing a book is a natural expression of their essence.  Writers are born to write. 


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