Thursday, January 30, 2014

How Non-Fiction Can Promote Fiction

Fiction authors find themselves challenged to promote their books, more so than non-fiction authors, especially when it’s their debut novel. Why? Non-fiction has many more avenues to promote to. Have a book about improving your marriage? You’d speak to groups, media, and others about your book. Have a romance novel? You are limited to bookstores, libraries, book groups, literary gatherings, and book conventions. But there’s plenty you can do to market and promote a novel, and the best way to do that is to have a non-fiction book to lay the groundwork.

It may seem odd that in order to promote one book you need to promote another, but that’s exactly what would help novelists.

If you write the marriage/relationship advice and how-to book first, you can promote it and then, when you release your romance novel, you can take advantage of the connections you made from the first book.

As an expert in relationships, your romance novel will then have more credibility. You aren’t just promoting an interesting story, but theoretically, an informed one. All things being equal, a marriage counselor of 20 years may tell a more believable and relatable story than a novice writer without such experience. You are perceived differently as a non-fiction expert, and that perception should work to your advantage when you seek to:

-          Schedule speaking gigs
-          Garner media appearances
-          Market your book to groups or organizations

Many authors write just fiction or just nonfiction and never cross over. But you may find you can get the best of both worlds by writing in both the real and make-believe ones.


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