Friday, January 31, 2014

Can Authors Make Room To Market & Promote A Book?

Imagine living more than the life you live, where your mind wanders day and night into the worlds of before, of the future, of the never were, and of the never could be? Welcome to the world of the writer, a restless soul who is living a dual life – the real one around him, and the one of his creative mind. Is there room for a third life – that of the book promoter?

Whether you dabble in fiction or non-fiction, as a writer, you explore, you research, and you map out scenarios in your head, weighing possibilities with probabilities. The metrics of our scale of thought, as writers, are not measureable. Writers are constantly thinking, observing, analyzing, questioning, and probing. We don’t quite accept reality as it is, all while trying to accurately understand the fundamentals of the reality in which we exist. Promoting a book can interfere with that.

Authors will be challenged to promote their book based on obvious factors:

·         Time
·         Knowledge
·         Ability
·         Desire
·         Resources

But it may be that the biggest obstacle they have to overcome is themselves – their thoughts and creative energy are dedicated to living life fully and to passionately writing. Where is there room in their hearts to promote and market a book?

Marketing is about sales and money. Writers may want money but they value words, ideas, and the pursuit of truth. So, when given a choice, writers pursue the contemplative life, rather than the entrepreneur’s.

Think about it. When given, say, an hour to yourself, if not distracted by the realities of house chores, caring for others, exercising, eating, and a zillion other needs, will you spend time writing, researching, and editing – or will you spend time marketing and promoting your book?

Writers should come to apply the same approach to book publicity as they do to writing. The reward will be that what you’ve written will get discovered, and all that you hoped your book would do will start to have a chance to come true.

Your book won’t be found, unless it’s promoted.
Your book won’t be turned into a movie, unless it’s promoted.
Your book can’t be used as a calling card to generate consulting business opportunities or speaking gigs, unless it’s promoted.
Your book can’t be used to land a big publishing deal, unless it’s promoted.
Your book can’t impact the lives of others, unless it’s promoted.

In order to advance your writing career, see to it that you promote your book. If you can’t or won’t do it, hire someone. The potential benefits of book marketing are great; without promoting your book, the chances of failure are greater.

I understand the mind and soul of the writer and the publicist. It’s not easy to be either, and certainly hardest to be both. But in a world of specialization, the hybrid may find the most success.

Call upon your best skills and passion to promote your book, and soon you may get to live in the world you seek to create. 


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