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10 Major Areas Authors Must Choose For Marketing Their Books

Authors hear a lot of the same advice about book marketing and publicity.  It’s very obvious what needs to be done.  The question is how does one do these things especially with limited time, money, desire, or knowledge?

The best way to tackle this is to first take an overview of things.  Start by identifying your short vs. long term goals.  Those goals will dictate your priorities and help you schedule your time and allocate your resources properly.

Short-term goals might be:
·         Sell more copies of current book.
·         Get more presentations scheduled/book signings.
·         Post on social media to promote a book..
·         Reach out to news media to seek reviews, interviews, byline article, guest-posts, etc.

Long-term goals might be:
·         Developing a stronger platform by increasing connections and followers on an expanded number of social media sites.
·         Build lists of people to reach out to, introducing yourself.
·         Shaping your brand and author persona to help you sell future books.
·         Meeting with organizations, from non-profits and schools to businesses and churches, that can expose you to more fans and readers.

Just look at all of the things you could be doing to market your book or brand and you’ll realize that though there’s a lot of opportunity out there you must narrow down what you’ll do, for how long, and at what cost.  Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. Go for what will deliver the biggest payoff with the least risk or investment.

You could do any-but not all-of the following:

1.      Set up appearances
·         Will they be for free (church, school, non-profit)? 
·         Will they provide an opportunity for book sales? 
·         Can you get an increase in social media followers, testimonials for your marketing materials, good experience that builds your resume, and a chance to share a positive and powerful message? 
·         Will you be paid or compensated for your appearance – perhaps at a conference, before a company, or as a consultant?
·         Will you do book signings at bookstores or libraries?
·         Will you join a speakers’ bureau?

2.      Networking
·         Will you attend events, whether free of charge or for a small fee, to have a chance to mingle with people who can help you?
·         Shall you join groups and organizations that help you expand upon or build a network of professional connections \

3.      Education
·         Will you invest in growing as a writer by attending conferences, reading books, or paying for online workshops?
·         Will you also seek to learn more about book marketing, subscribing to publications, attending seminars, purchasing resources online, and hiring a consultant?

4.      Social Media
Facebook, Twitter Linked In, You Tube, Instagram, Pinterest. Google+.  For each one, consider your strategy to develop profiles, engage others, increase connections, and build a fan base.  Will you blog regularly?  Do you have a podcast?  How much content can you create, share, and convert into clicks, connections, and sales?  How often can you get others to interview you or talk about you vs. you initiating the content?

5.      Traditional Media
Radio, television, newspapers and magazines.  They can turn your book into a best-seller.  They also can be used to get you attention on social media, such as when you share your TV appearance clip on social media, on Facebook or Twitter.  Create your press kit, get media coaching, and reach out to targeted local, genre-specific, or national – even international media, seeking reviews, feature stories, news stories, panel discussions, interviews, byline articles, book excerpts, or any type of exposure.

6.      Advertising
Will you advertise – and if so, where – online, print, or broadcast?

7.      Marketing
From holding contests to doing mass giveaways, you can market your book to others. Newsletters, webinars, skyping with book clubs, and joining forces with other authors could give you a boost. Put up a sign outside your house to promote your book.  Hand out fliers by a mall parking lot.  Cross promote someone else’s book, product or service in exchange of them promoting you.

8.      Book Reviews
Goodreads, Net Galley, Amazon reviewers, and so many, websites offer opportunities for book reviews.  Will you make your digital galley or printed book available, in a timely fashion, for review?

9.      Digital Media
This is a blend of social and traditional.  For instance, CNN.com would be digital media.  So would HuffPost, Salon, and TheHill. Get people to cover you online.  Be interviewed by bloggers, podcasters and the websites of major media. Have video interviews with online TV outlets such as Cheddar TV.  Post press releases on news wire services like PR Newswire or free wire services. 

10.  Begging
Hit up your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, temple worshippers, bingo players, and anyone you have ever come into contact with.  Ask them to buy your book, post reviews, follow you on social media and to pull favors to put you in front of anyone they know of who has some juice.

So what’s it gonna be?
·         Feel overwhelmed and do nothing?
·         Try to do everything but not excel at anything?
·         Focus on the short-term and long-term in a balanced manner?
·         Hire others to help in areas you suck in?

Today’s author-turned-marketer can accomplish a lot – and will need to in order to compete with the 3,500 new books flooding the marketplace daily.  

Take a smart, balanced approach and utilize others to share in the plan.  Good luck!

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