Tuesday, November 21, 2017

9 Ways To Make Money As A Writer

Okay, so writing doesn’t seem to pay.  You spend hours researching, writing, and editing.  Then you spend time trying to sell your writing to a magazine, website, or book publisher.  Then you spend time marketing and promoting your work.  Is there a way to make a few bucks from being a writer?

1.      Seek Donations
That’s right, act like a non-profit and ask people to give you money – like a tipping jar.  If you have a PayPal account you can create a PayPal Donate button and embed it into your site.

2.      Digital Subscriptions
Get people to pay for content as a subscriber, the way magazines or newspapers would charge people.  Use chargebee.com or easydigiitaldownloads.com or woocommerce.com.  You can share content on a regular basis – daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly – or find a way to post content at your leisure but to charge in set amounts for increments of time.

3.      Online Course
Similar to charging for an e-book, you charge for an online course that could include video, worksheets, podcasts, or written content.  Some helpful sites include teachable.com, bigmarker.com, zippycourseplugin.com, zoom.us, and gotomeeting.com/webinar.

4.      Sell Your Work
You can write for publication with magazines or sell your work as a freelancer to a news organization -- or sell your book to a publisher.

5.      Self-Publish
Create a book or file and sell it online via a self-publisher like Amazon’s Create Space.  You can sell information products through gumroad.com or ejunkie.com.

6.      Consulting/Coaching
Create written materials as part of your one-on-one trainings with people. Let’s say you write about losing weight.  You can consult a group or an individual and support your teachings with written documents.

7.      Company History
You can offer to write a company or organization’s history-for-hire.

8.      Write For Free
Use your writing to showcase your abilities, knowledge, and writing style -- give it away -- with the hopes it lures paying customers for some service or bigger writing project.

9.      Get Advertising
If you have a big enough online following you can charge for advertising to your blog or website.  To accept advertisers, look into litbreaker.com or google.com/adsense.

You can also use your writing to boost your credentials and visibility with the hopes of using it to get hired, promoted, or as a lead-in to launching a business.  Being a good, prolific writer should net you some greenbacks.  In fact, you can make money off of the writing of others.  You can join a program that gives you commissions on book sales (affiliate marketing).  The biggest one is affiliate-program.Amazon.com.

Now go write your way to success!

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