Wednesday, November 8, 2017

18 Ways To Promote Your Book

In no set order, here are 18 random ways you can market your book, promote your message, and brand yourself to the media and the public:

1.      Build a mailing list of people who come to your site.  Capture their email by having them sign up to receive emails, a newsletter, a download or something free.  Have them take a survey or leave a comment and give you a way to reach them later.

2.      Post a profile on Amazon Central,, and other book sites.  Go on Goodreads and NetGalley as well.

3.      Conduct free teleseminars or webinars to interact with others and sell yourself.

4.      Hold an official book launch event/party, but realize you’ll spend more than you take in that night.

5.      Mention your book in your email signature, on your business card, and in all of your social media profiles.

6.      Apply for book awards and writing competitions.

7.      Attend book festivals and seek out a chance to speak or hold a workshop.  Maybe get a booth if it’s economical.

8.      Consider donating books to key organizations in hopes of not only doing a good deed, but getting media exposure or introductions to key people as a result.

9.      Take shortcuts to things.  Try using TweetDeck for scheduling tweets; AddThis or ShareThis to add sharing buttons alongside social media posts; and ClickToTweet to create clickable tweets messages.

10.  Find free press release distribution services to post your press release.

11.  Use a Google Adwords campaign to advertise.

12.  Sign up with HARO and other sites where journalists seek out relevant experts to interview for stories.

13.  Optimize your site, press releases, and social media posts using key words that you compiled using Goggle Trends.

14.  Develop a list of influencers in your genre or area of expertise.  Make a concerted effort to find them on social media and connect in hopes they’ll share your info with their huge, targeted followings.

15.  Create swag or themed merchandise to sell on your site, from catchy T-shirts and mugs to other promotional items.  Consider giving some of them away for free.

16.  Find 10, 20, or 30 influential groups, individuals, or companies that you offer a service, money or something of value in exchange for their support of your book.

17.  Find another author whose book complements your book and team up with him or her to sell each other’s book.  For instance, if your book is about how to get married by age 35, team up with a company or author that has something to do with weddings.

18.  Start a word-of-mouth campaign by sharing free copies of your book for a period of time.

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