Sunday, October 28, 2018

What’s To Love & Loath About Books & Publicity

Nearly three decades ago I entered into the world of book publishing and book publicity.  I’m still at it today – and enjoying a career of working to help authors, promote great stories and ideas, and market terrific books.  But not all is fun and fame here.  This is my list of 10 things I love about the industry and 10 things I could do without:

10 Things I Love About The Book & PR Industries

1.      Working closely with intelligent, passionate and creative people – writers. To help them realize a dream is an honor and a fun challenge.

2.      Seeing the books that I market make a difference in people’s lives is quite fulfilling.

3.      Remembering to see each book like a person, to be treated with compassion and care, is a wonderful experience.

4.      Feeling like you make a difference in a writer’s life is a great feeling.

5.      Being able to exchange ideas with intellectually talented individuals is a pleasurable experience.

6.      Knowing that I helped land a big media booking for an author is always an adrenaline rush for me.

7.      Needing to be informed, news-savvy, and creative to do this job well are things that come naturally to me and never feel like work.

8.      I believe books make a difference in society and in our lives, and I’m so proud to be associated with them.

9.      Who can complain when they have to read books to earn a living?

10.  I like to see the powerful tool of public relations being used to promote not widgets and corporations but books, people, and ideas.

10 Things I Hate About The Book & PR Industries

1. I loathe seeing fake news stories put out by lying promoters who seek to manipulate the news media.

2. I feel depressed when I see books that are researched, written and edited poorly.

3. I wish that self-published authors had more access to bookstores and mainstream reviews, though it’s been improving. 

4. I fear Amazon is taking over the world, including the book world, unless others stand up to it.

5. I wish neighborhoods would show support for their bookstores and that more towns would open a bookstore.

6. I wish book publishers did more for their authors and that they would level with and encourage their writers to work with outside publicists.

7. I could do without ego-centric authors who expect to get publicity just because they think they’re great or that their book is amazing -- even though there’s lots of evidence to the contrary.

8. Authors need to understand that buying FB ads and Google clicks is not the same as executing a PR campaign – and that their social media, account activity needs to improve if they are to really advance their brand.

9. I wish authors who think they can’t afford to invest in book publicity could realize they can’t afford not to.

10. I would hope that Barnes & Noble figures out how to stop losing money.

There are plenty of good things going on in the book world and they far outweigh the bad. I hope that we can enjoy the many positives while doing something about some of the negatives.  Do your part and go buy a book, read a book, and talk about a book.  Then go write one.

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