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Book Marketing Buzz Blog Posts #3,000!

One Of The Nation’s Leading Book Marketing and Publicity Blogs Celebrates Its 3,000th Post By Turning It Into A Press Release

New York, New York  -- Where should writers and publishers turn for strong, honest, and experienced-based advice about book marketing?

One may not have to look much further than the award-winning blog,, recognized by Book Baby and Feedster as a top book publicity blog. What began seven-and-a-half years ago as a means for a book marketer, Brian Feinblum, to brand himself, has turned into an important source of inspiration and information. Today it published its 3,000th post.

"I originally wanted the blog to serve as a lead generator to the book publicity firm where I still work --as the chief marketing officer ( -- and to show my support for the plight of those in the book publishing industry, including authors, publishers, editors, and literary agents,” says the blog’s founder, Brian Feinblum.

He is proud to have hit such a milestone, and is glad he persevered during times of feeling like he should just give it up.

“There were times when I thought it was too much work to write daily posts, promote them on social media, and to keep coming up with useful, original, and engaging content,” reveals Feinblum, a resident of New Rochelle, New York.  “But I kept pushing myself – it’s a thankless addiction.”

His very first blog post, in May, 2011, was about Donald Trump, back then a businessman and star of television’s The Apprentice. 

“I thought then, as I do now, that he’s a master of deflection, deception, and denial,” says Feinblum.  “But book marketers and authors can learn a lot from his style and approach."

He blogs most often on topics that matter to those seeking to build a media resume, develop a brand, get an empowering message out there, sell books, and get discovered. frequently posts useful content and resources on the following:

·         How to promote a book successfully
·         Ways to market a brand cost-effectively
·         How to use social media wisely
·         Keys to crafting a message that’s embraced by others
·         How to become a best-selling author
·         Ways to impress the news media, despite a ton of competition

He also likes to advocate for books, and often pens posts on censorship, book bans, free speech, literacy, visiting libraries, patronizing indie book stores, how Barnes & Noble can stay afloat, and why books matter to society and each of us.

His all-time, most-clicked blog posts are as follows: 

2016 Book Marketing & Book Publicity Toolkit

So where does he draw his ideas from?

“I scour books on communication, sales, marketing, and publishing,” says Feinblum.  “I also read trade publications such as The Writer, Publishers Weekly, and Writer’s Digest, but I rarely check out other book publicity blogs.  I don’t want to copy others or produce more of the same.  I strive to be timely, relevant, insightful, and unique.”

He also draws from his many interactions and experiences with those in the book world, especially the authors and publishers that he has met during three decades of a vibrant publishing career.  He’s spent nearly the last 20 years at, and also has worked for several small presses, authored a book, and has contributed articles to various publications that serve writers.

His insights also come form the many talented authors whose books he has promoted over the years, a list that includes Henry Winkler, Jeff Foxworthy, Dr. Ruth, Ken Blanchard, Seth Godin, Kevin Leman, George Wallace, Harvey Mackay, Cindy Adams, Jackie Collins, and Stephen Covey. It also includes many first-time authors, self-published authors, and a handful of university press writers.

“I enjoy educating, enlightening and helping those who need direction, resources, and inspiration to succeed at promoting their books,” says Feinblum.  “I love books too much to see them go unread, ignored, and devalued.”

Though he admits to checking the traffic to his blog about a dozen times a day he likes blogging because it gives instantaneous gratification. “Anything that happens to us can be fodder for the blog,” he says. “I’ve related all kinds of events and experiences to the act of book marketing, drawing on lessons from youth, sports, my children, what’s in the news, movies, death, dogs, and history.”

Feinblum estimates his seven-and-a-half-years of blog posts could easily add up to 1,200,000 words, based on an average 400-word blog post.  That’s roughly 20 books at 60,000 words each.

“For all of that output, I haven’t made a cent, never took an ad dollar, and don’t allow any product placement,” he proudly says.  “But I’m enriched by knowing that I’m writing what I want to, what I know best, and what’s useful to so many struggling writers, curious publishers, and lovers of books.”

So what advice does he have for those seeking to be mentioned, featured, or interviewed for his blog?

“I enjoy writing on books about books – all books that talk about writing, writers, publishing, language, bookstores, literacy, free speech – and I have interviewed hundreds of authors from all genres and welcome authors to email me to arrange for an interview," says Feinblum. "I also like to shine a light on book industry organizations such as The Authors Guild, ABA, BISG, ALA, AAP, AAUP, PEN, IBPA, National Book Foundation, etc."

From books of poetry, children's books, compilation books of essays and gift books, to books on business, health, parenting, politics, lifestyle, memoir, self-help, inspirational and religion, he has promoted well over a thousand authors over the years, representing every possible book imaginable. His blog certainly reflects a wide variety of experiences and interests.

For more information about, please consult Brian Feinblum, 914-462-2038,

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Brian Feinblum’s insightful views, provocative opinions, and interesting ideas expressed in this terrific blog are his alone and not that of his employer or anyone else. You can – and should -- follow him on Twitter @theprexpert and email him at He feels much more important when discussed in the third-person. This is copyrighted by BookMarketingBuzzBlog © 2018. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he now resides in Westchester. His writings are often featured in The Writer and IBPA’s Independent.  This was named one of the best book marketing blogs by Book Baby and recognized by Feedspot in 2018 as one of the top book marketing blogs. Also named by as a "best resource.” He recently hosted a panel on book publicity for Book Expo America and participated in a PR panel at the Sarah Lawrence College Writers Institute Conference.

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