Friday, October 19, 2018

Interview With Bi-Lingual Book Marketer Rosalba Mancuso

1.      As the founder of , please tell us what your site does. My website was born with a mission: promote books and literature internationally. For this reason, through,  I offer book promotion services to publishers, authors and book publicists who need exposure in the European literary market. Furthermore,  is also a site where I publish my book reviews in Italian and English and offer literary translation services from English to Italian. 

2.      Rosalba, how challenging is it to write book reviews, travel guides, and online content in Italian and English? Of course,  it is always hard writing in a different language. I  am an Italian native speaker and behind my English writing, there are several years of language training and daily reading of English books. For the rest, I find that writing pieces in English and Italian is a good way to improve my writing skills. In English,  I write travel guides about my loved Sicily and about books I read and loved.  In Italian,  I write about many other topics as a freelancer. I feel honored when I write in English and readers understand and appreciate what I write.  Likewise, I am happy when customers who hire me to write in Italian remain satisfied by the quality of my native language.  However, when you write nearly every day like me in two languages,  the unique challenge you have to face is the one to monetize your content. The fierce online competition in the writing field made this challenge harder and harder.  

3.      What do you love about writing and books? I love the power of words. Words serve to inform, educate, communicate and shape our emotional life.  For this, I love books and writing  over any other kind of device, over the Internet and the Social Networks,  which, badly, shape and twist our mind with images.  In  my view, writing and books  are the only tools to escape the Internet addiction and save our humanity.
4.      Can you tell us how the beauty of Italy compares to that of America? There is no comparison between Italy and America. They are two different countries, with different history and culture. Italy has a very ancient history and its beauty comes just from this. The Italian landscape, literature, architecture, drink and food contain all of the charm of the Italian history. No other country in the world has an equal beauty. America has a more recent history and if I am not mistaken,  it was discovered by an Italian. However, I love America very much, because this Country welcomed many Italian and Sicilian migrants and helped them find a better future when it was impossible to find it in Italy.   

5.      What advice do you have for struggling writers? My most valuable advice is the one to try finding a unique perspective and voice to stand out of the crowd. I always think that  the worst mistake of writers is the one to write for themselves  and not for their readers. They fail and waste their time to write stuff that others have already written.   Instead, writers  must learn to write about the needs of their readers. This is the only strategy to sell books or monetize online content.

6.      Where do you see the global book publishing industry heading? Unfortunately, global book publishing is heading toward emptiness. I noticed this trend in both Europe and America.  Book publishers release only books by famous authors, while new writers always remain unpublished and, obviously, unknown.  Newbies  try self-publishing, but, amid the crowd of self published books, it is nearly impossible to find excellent works and all this endangers the entire book publishing industry.  When I founded, I had already noticed this trend and so, I thought to give my small contribution to make new authors known abroad. Today, my book site is among the top 50  book marketing blogs, because, every month, readers buy several books through it. But, to reach a global editorial success, an only book site is not enough. Success always depends on traditional book publishers. They still have the financial power to   release and publicize new books globally. A new good book, if a traditional publisher set up a good marketing strategy, can still get success and sales, in spite of the unfair competition from the Internet  and the digital alienation of readers.

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