Saturday, December 29, 2018

How To Model The Success Of Authors To Help Promote Your Book

What can you learn about competing books that will help you promote your book?

First, think about who your competitor is.  It’s obvious if your book’s topic is narrowly focused, such as a book on diabetes, weight loss, planning for retirement, being a better parent, relationship advice, or traveling to Europe on a budget.  But even if it’s not so obvious, think about books within your genre that would make for good role models to follow.

So let’s say you checked out various best-seller lists, award winners, or books that received a fair share of media coverage.  When you look to search these authors for clues as to what you can do to be just as successful, think of things in the following manner:

·         Which awards did they win or get honorable mention in?  Should you apply for them as well?

·         Who are their followers/connections on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, or other social media outlets?  Can you connect with them as well?

·         Which media covered them via interviews, reviews or stories? Did any of them allow for guest posts or byline articles from that author?  Can you contact the same journalists at each media outlet to seek out coverage for you and your book?

·         When you look at the author’s website, do you see things worth copying and modeling for your site?

·         Can you reach out to those who provided testimonials for these other books and seek out endorsements for yours?

Perhaps directly contacting these authors is worth the risk.  They may be able to help introduce you to some helpful contacts or resources.  It can’t hurt.  The worst they could do is ignore you.  Certainly you have more to gain from a relationship with them, so if any of them help, great, and those that don’t, it’s no loss.

Of course there are, many reasons as to why these authors got the results that they did.  Perhaps they spent money on PR and advertising.  Maybe they cashed in on personal friendships for favors.  Perhaps they are on their tenth book or are affiliated with a major organization.  Maybe they got lucky or their books really are great.  Well, none of it matters.  Take what you can get, however you can get it.  And when you don’t succeed at replicating what another author did you needn’t worry or feel bad.  The circumstances for one author may be different from those surrounding your book.

Competitors in all industries copy each other, compete for the favor of the same influencers, and seek to exploit current conditions to their favor.  It’s perfectly fine to research, rip-off, and recruit other authors.  Okay, not rip-off.  Don’t commit a crime, but do use any public information, especially what authors provide on their site, social media, or news coverage, to your advantage.

Authors can certainly help each other, sometimes unknowingly.  Befriend them when you can, but never let the opportunity to model them slip away.


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