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Buzz Phrases For Authors Promoting A Book

Depending on your subject matter and targeted readership, you will find that certain words, phrases, references, or terms will elicit strong responses.  Ordinary wording just won’t do when you want to make an impression.  A good idea needs great words to express it.  

Below are random phrasings that are used for writing emotion -- thought-provoking, eye-catching marketing copy.  

The list is by no means exhaustive or original.  It was created based on my observations over the years.  Think of how you can expand on these phrases. Use them to create your own. Or, as needed, use them, word for word:

A first-of-its-kind
It rights the historical record on
A chilling expose of murder, lust, depravity and greed
Sure to appeal to the growing legions of
Catalogued in this uniquely descriptive guide are
Provides all the secrets for taking control of
Provides easy-to-follow analysis and real-life stories illustrating
It’s the definitive account of those responsible for changing the destiny of
An open and honest look at the subjects of
Enables readers to take complete control of
A vivid and gripping wartime saga
Reveals hundreds of innovative shortcuts to
In this provocative and certain-to-be controversial book
With the proven strategies and tactics he has learned from the front lines of
It is sure to challenge and change the way you see
An intriguing exploration of
Enter the fascinating world of
Packed with helpful
Will help readers achieve their success goals
Will discover in this remarkable guide
Tells how to get the most out of
Details all aspects of
It describes in rich detail how
This is an unforgettable depiction of
Written for both the layman and the well-informed
Is the indispensable guide to
A bombshell
This book is the first to explain not only the techniques but also just how the process works
A very important, yet rarely discussed, topic is that of
Explores the challenges for
Gives guidance to those interested in seeking
This magical record details the work of
Gain new insights into
Announcing an irresistible new tool for self-knowledge found nowhere else
A fascinating insight into
Is the no-holds barred account of
This book reveals many easy-to-learn techniques on how to
The author thoroughly examines
The tricks of the trade
This book is his attempt to correct the historical record once and for all
Is an intriguing story of
This much needed book helps you
Is guaranteed to make you laugh
The book is an eye-opening compendium of invaluable insights in
Finally, a book that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about
Is an insider’s view
The book is conveniently organized
Distilled and collected in this unique book
Dispelling myths and clarifying the facts
In this moving chronicle
It is a treasure chest of learning opportunities
Adds a totally new and invaluable dimension to everyone’s pursuit of
Describes with remarkable candor
Will allow you to use his unique insights to your advantage
Is packed with amusing anecdotes and fascinating revelations that emerge from frank discussions with
In dramatic question and answer format
Is the essential reference for
Through humorous anecdotes and rare, candid interviews
By combining existing research with previously unknown findings
This book is guaranteed to challenge one’s perception
Here is a persuasive demonstration showing how
This newly revised volume covers all the latest developments
Helps you take an active role
A complete program for
This innovative approach to
Has formulated a dynamic 12-step strategy
Demonstrates how to make powerful use of
Here is the remarkable story of
As it has never been told before
An incisive and authoritative text
Containing the latest information
This sound, practical and heartwarming guide will
This controversial books uncovers
Is packed with original and exciting activities
This controversial books uncovers
Is packed with original and exciting activities
One of the few books on
A useful compendium for those interested in
A step-by-step journey through
An unusual blend of
This book is for anyone who has
Keeps you informed about the latest and best in
You will discover the exciting history of
Are certain to challenge and stimulate readers
A superior, multi-level examination of
Each page will take you closer to your own personal prosperity
Methodically reveals
Their story is told with sensitivity, warmth and drama
Is the first and only book written especially for
Drawing upon extensive research
Meticulously documented
Is a skillful presentation of.
Is also a master account of
Demonstrates her proven techniques in an exceptionally clear
Are covered in this rich and inspiring volume
This penetrating, well-documented study shows
A special section summarizes and categorizes
Shedding new light on
May be the only book available that can
The author’s intimate knowledge of
Covers the entire spectrum of
With remarkable candor
Finally, a book that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about
It calls for a re-examination of
Essential reading
Shares the secrets of her trade
With tips and techniques gained from a lifetime as a
Provides a unique opportunity
Calls for a new investigation of
It is an important and courageous critique of
Offers no-nonsense advice for
Readers will gain the know-how and the confidence to effectively
This book is written for the millions of people who are
Provides eye-opening insights and specific advice on how to
This book will enable readers to make informed decisions about
Drawing on a wealth of research
An essential and enduring handbook for anyone who
With refreshing clarity, this book explains
A controversial yet stirring narrative that
Tells it all with the same honesty and depth of emotion that he brings to
Presents the results of years of research into
Is a comprehensive manual for
The only book to explore
A straight forward, compassionate, comprehensive guide to
Provides complete, detailed instructions for
This book is the cure for
The richness of this material gives the reader a vivid sense of.
Presents a fresh and compelling picture
This book serves to highlight.
Now, more than ever, this is the most readable, practical and complete book available on.
This is a true story about hope and defeat, promise and deception, falling down and getting up, again and again.
The author discusses and evaluates a wide range of conflicting material
Is a revealing picture of
Sheds light on the mysterious and intriguing subject of
Offers a streamlined and integrated approach to
The author reveals the entire and startling truth about.
Unravels facts so explosive that
The first book to focus on
Is filled with revelatory information

“Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.”
--Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“The most successful politician is he who says what everybody is thinking most often and in the loudest voice.”
--Teddy Roosevelt

“The most important thing in any relationship is not what you get but what you give.”

--Eleanor Roosevelt

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