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Things To Consider When Promoting A Book

Can You Really Market Your Book?
Not everyone is a good writer.  Not everyone is a good marketer.  Often, someone who is a good writer can become a good marketer.  It will take a number of factors for you to successfully navigate getting published and sold and to turn your writing career into positioning you to become a speaker, consultant, and expert in your field.  You’ve taken the first step by buying this book and seeking out professional guidance. Now, the next steps will become more challenging, but if followed, very rewarding.

Direct Mail Tip
The letter or email must make the reader want more. It should tease them and tantalize them with possibilities. The recipient should want to see more and to feel misconceptions are cleared up and questions are answered. They need to be inspired and freed up to take an action step.

Live Authentically – It’ll Help You Be A Better Marketer
Barbara De Angelis, a best-selling author of inspiration and empowerment books, says to live authentically means the following;

“Behaving in ways that are in harmony with your personal values.”
“Making choices based on what you believe, and not what others believe.”
“Feeling you can be yourself and be loved rather than having to act in ways you feel will be acceptable to others.”
“Accepting and honoring all parts of yourself rather than hiding or lying about them.”
“Communicating the truth when you need to, even though it might create conflict or tension.”
“Not settling for less than what you know you deserve in your relationships.”

Copy That
Looking to utilize material from other writers but don’t want to have to pay a royalty?  Try searching for material that no longing or never had copyright protection.  Go to or Otherwise, follow copyright laws on fair usage.  You can also ask permission of the writer or copyright holder for extended usage.

Time To Launch Your Own Radio Show?
Some companies, like Matrix Media Inc. and UBC Radio Network produce radio shows where an advertiser pays for the show’s production and distribution.  There are also plenty of ad-supported online radio shows.  Are you ready to talk your way to success? Many radio networks and local affiliates will sell airtime cheaply to you and you can convert that ad time into a show for yourself.  You can even sell ads for it.

Survey To Success
One tool for capturing emails of potential clients is to conduct a quick survey. People who respond to the survey may be potential book readers. The results, once tallied, can impress potential clients that you have a direct understanding of issues relevant to them. With a little bit of research, you may be able to uncover existing surveys and polls and share the results with others. But if you conduct your own poll or survey, think of these things:

1.      What do you hope the results will show and how will that help you in your message?
2.      How will you survey people – on your site, via email, postcard, phone, or other?
3.      Over what periods of time and to how many people will you conduct the survey?
4.      What types of people do you want to respond and where will  you find them?
5.      What questions and how many will  you ask of people? Will they be true or false or asking to respond to multiple choice or to some kind of scale, from 1-10?
6.      If the pool of respondents is large enough, will you send out a notice of the results to the news media?

Some Reasons Not To Do A Survey Include:
1.      Can be too time-consuming.
2.      Could cost some money.
3.      The results may be negative or unhelpful to your selling efforts.
4.      The results may only reflect a small pool or include bias/inaccuracy and lend itself to criticism.

How To Be Convincing
People buy from whom they know and trust. They also buy from people they like or from those who convince them they can get what they want for a great price. Everyone loves a good deal, right? People buy for any number of reasons. Let’s explore this.

Are You A Disabled, Gay, Latin, Female Veteran?
Use what you are to your marketing advantage. Think about what affiliations you can use to market your book.  There are groups that cover every demographic, condition, or preference. You can network within or sell to these groups. Start with things like your race, religion, sex, city, or region, school alumni, industry, or some other status, such as military veteran, cancer survivor, pet owner, fans of classical music, etc. Think of all the groups you identify with – even if you are not so active in those areas – and use them as a means for gaining introductions to others. It is okay to network with Catholics even if you feel you haven’t fully practiced as one in a while.

Or if you want to join a group for people who are divorced, even though you don’t feel you have any relationship issues, do so if it will open doors to meet others who can raise your book’s chance of success.

Sometimes joining a committee or serving on the organization’s newsletter or event-planning will allow you more face time with active members.

You can also venture out into groups you didn’t previously think you identified with. For instance, maybe you never thought about joining a group that brings Pisces together or that drinks tea, or that wants to make a library a landmark. All of these groups may have people who would buy your book, have you as a speaker, or help you network with others.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.”
--Albert Einstein

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
--Thomas Edison

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
--Winston Churchill

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