Tuesday, August 27, 2019

California Dreamin’ For Everyone

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I am only hours removed from my nine-day excursion to southern California from New York as I write this, but I’m thousands of miles removed from where my heart lies.  Vacations can do that to you.  They do such a good job of changing your scenery, rebooting your engines, allowing you to pause from your everyday routine, giving you a break from responsibilities, and providing a new landscape from which to view life.  I wish I was back on one of the many beaches I sat on, viewing  another sunset with a book in hand.

I’ve been to many beaches over the years but I think the ones in California are consistently the best at providing what one wants:  sun and a cool breeze, soft sand, endless views of a powerful ocean meeting the sky, unobstructed sunsets, beaches that are populated but not crowded, beautiful people to look at, and great views afforded by different vantage points – cliffs, piers, or restaurants.  Oh man, as I write this I feel jealous of what I just experienced and crave more of.

I don’t want to move there.  I just want the vacation feeling to last beyond its actual duration.  I want to pack up the feeling of calm, nature, beauty, rest, and freedom and get to wear it during my workday, bill paying, and moments of parenting.

Almost everyone likes to go on a vacation – to anywhere, at any price point.  Why?  Because it gives you a chance to take a break, see something new, and get in touch with yourself.  Forget the bill that’s attached to your vacation.  This is your chance to really live and not just be in the act of doing.

On my trip I was on a different beach each day – Crystal Cove and Balboa in Newport; Laguna Beach; Huntington Beach; Malibu Beach; etc.  There was kayak time, bike time, a hike, lots of walks, and some tourist stuff like visits to an auto museum, the Getty, a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, and Ruby’s Diner, but it was mostly beach time.  Chair in sand. Facing ocean. Book in hand.  What could be better?

Southern California is such a free-spirited place.  So many are into nature, healthy eating, exercising, dogs, and culture.  It’s not a perfect place.  It costs a ton to live here.  Traffic is awful.  And if the climate meltdown continues, this place will be under water in a century or two.

It’s hard for me to be objective here.  I praise the place because I’m on vacation.  If I lived there., I’d probably look forward to a vacation elsewhere.  No place is perfect and no one place can serve all of our needs.  Vacations are awesome.  Then they end.  And you pine to go on another one.  Go somewhere.  Often.  Enjoy.


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