Monday, October 28, 2019

Dr. Oz, Patrick Kennedy, Trusted Healers, & Your Healthcare

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of attending television show appearances of authors that I represent to the media.  I remember meeting Geraldo Rivera, Al Roker, Kelly Rippa, Maury Povich and other talk show personalities.  Each show seems like it happened yesterday, for they each were unforgettable moments. Being in a TV studio always reminds me of how small these sets – and studio seating areas really are – and of how powerful one personality and one segment of an episode can impact an author’s brand and influence a nation.  I got reminded of that when I recently attended the taping of my client, Dan Pelino, for television’s leading health advocate, Dr. Oz.

Pelino’s amazing book, Trusted Healers (see, is being featured today, October 28, along with an appearance of the man who wrote the book’s foreword, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy.  They teamed up to discuss how to improve access to wellness and healthcare, especially when addressing mental health.  Kennedy recently lost a young cousin due to addiction and has battled his own demons over the years.  They espouse an approach that is needed, that’s effective, and that is long overdue.

Dr. Oz delivers a terrific show with Pelino and Kennedy, and is certainly an episode not to be missed.  Of all the TV shows out there, few can say they literally prevent death or help transform lives.  Dr. Oz, when he’s educating, empowering, and inspiring others, is a great force, especially in the chronic battle for a sane approach to our nation’s healthcare.

Everyone is curious as to what it’s like to be just a few feet from Dr. Oz, to see him work his magic in person. He is a pro and navigates this segment as if he were interviewing someone he’s known his whole life.  He expresses a familiarity and a hungry curiosity that leads the audience to feel they are witnessing something powerful.  They really are.

Dr. Oz is one of the few shows that highlights today’s breakthroughs in health, leaving audiences informed and inspired to change their habits.  It’s up to consumers to be knowledgeable and disciplined to make the changes in their lives.  I’m so glad he afforded Pelino and Kennedy an opportunity to share their insights on a growing movement to ensure every American has affordable access to effective medical and mental healthcare.

Bud Ramey co-authored the book, spending parts of two years traveling around the world with one of the book's subjects, Dr. Paul Grundy, capturing the insights of the Godfather of the Medical Home Movement. Dr. Grundy, with 50 years of experience, served four American presidents.

To read an interview with Pelino and to learn more about his book, please consult:


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