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7 Key Media Coaching Tips For All Authors

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Here’s my media coaching advice for authors:

1.      Be a tease.
You may have a great story to tell, lots of advice to share, and some really strong opinions that you want to shout.  Hold back.  Your goal is not to say everything, only something that will tease and get people’s attention.  You don’t need to get married – just asked out on a date.  Tease, but don’t reveal all!

2.      Show a personality.
People gravitate to a personality.  Show them humor, emotion, intelligence, ideas – whatever it takes for people to sense you are qualified to be an expert, that you say something useful, and share it in an interesting way.  You become a character with a persona – put on the uniform and become a superhero author!

3.      Remember to have them take an action step.
You can talk and write all you want.  Your goal is to get people to take an action step, which usually is to get to your website or to buy the book.  Say whatever is needed to encourage an action step.  Give something away for free that people need to download at your site.  Once there they see what you’re all about and can order the book or connect with you.

4.      Know your 5-6 key points to be made in every interview.
It doesn’t matter what you are asked, only what you say. Your points don’t have to be the most important things about the book but things that will help people gravitate to you and feel you relate to them, that you offer what they need, that you are interesting.  Part of your point is to say the name of your book a few times, mention your website with a resource for people to download, and to reference your qualifications – but don’t read off a resume.

5.      Know your audience.
Be aware of the readers/listeners/viewers that you are speaking to. What are their needs/desires/demographics? Be aware of sensitivities and think about what you should purposely say or avoid based on what you know of them.

6.      Have fun.
You might be nervous – it’s natural.  But in the end, it’s a conversation that you are having and you just need to be you, relax, and enjoy the process.  This is your opportunity to be on the offensive and get your message out.  Good, bad or mediocre, whatever happens, there’s another interview opportunity that will come, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself in any one interview.

7.      Give context.
Remember, people don’t know anything about you or your book.  Find a way to quickly summarize who you are and what your book is about.  Don’t assume the audience or media knows anything.  Set the context and provide a foundation - and then go into certain key areas that you want to emphasize.

I can give you dozens of tips, strategies, and insights on how to do media interviews.  But the main thing to remember is that you have something useful or interesting to say and that you are there to share, help, and be a conduit for information.  You are speaking to the media to make the world better and to fill a void.  Book sales, fame, and website clicks will naturally follow if others feel you resonated with them.  So don’t obsess on that stuff – just think of how you can make a positive impact in sharing a story, an idea, a fact, or a feeling.

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