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The Books Authors Should Really Write

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Should authors write books that are needed or desired – or the ones that authors need or desire to write?

Authors write what they know – based on their experiences, knowledge or concerns.  Whether a novel, poetry, or non-fiction, writers tend to produce the books that feel familiar and true to them.  But the marketplace may want or need other books.  How do we reconcile these differences?

There are so many books on a vast array of subjects out there that it’s getting harder and harder to find virgin territory or say something unique or express it in a truly fresh way.  But writers know what exists on bookshelves and follow through on writing what moves them, what comes as their calling.  However many readers discover them, well, that’s up to marketing and the proclivities of book buyers.

But how many authors write not only with the demands, preferences, and patterns of the marketplace in mind, but who specifically pour their research, creativity and writing heart to only produce books that will sell, that people say they need, or show a receptive tone towards?

It would be great if no choice had to be made, where the writer wrote what he wanted and a market would exist for it, while at the same time the needs of people were being met by the books being pumped into the book arena.

Whatever authors choose to write, they most certainly must market their works as being the very thing one needs or should want.  They key is that authors must recognize they (a) must market their book and not expect the market to come to them, and (b) must present their books in a way that shows they fit the desires, dreams, or desperate needs of readers.  

The next things authors are tasked with is showing why their book is better than competing titles on the same subject – and why their book is superior to other forms of entertainment or knowledge acquisition, from the Internet to movies, to television, seminars, etc.

In the end, writers who move beyond their comfort and passion zones, who try to write for the marketplace but stray beyond what they know and like best, will leave readers feeling there is something lacking in the writing.  People can tell when one lacks sincerity, raw knowledge, or a deep obsession with what one writes about.  It’s hard to fake it, try as you may.

Writers always write from the heart, driven by a sense of justice, action, emotion, or fantasy.  They write because events, people, and thoughts have led them down this path.  But that said, one can polish their work to meet the thirsts of potential readers, to give them a bit of what the readers believe they want or need.  When a love connection can be struck between writer and reader, the marketplace and the writer will be on the same page.

“As children, some of us liked magic and fantasy more than reality.  So we became writers.”
--Dr. Sunwolf

“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.”
--Maya Angelou

“The writer should never be ashamed of staring.  There is nothing that does not require his attention.”
--Flannery O’Connor

“What no wife of a writer can ever understand is that a writer is working when he’s staring out of the window.”
--Burton Rascoe

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