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How To Sell Your Book & Self As A Speaker

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Are you looking to broaden your platform to amplify your message and sell books?  

Cathy Fyock and Lois Creamer believe they drew up the right roadmap with their new book, The Speaker Author:  Sell More Books and Book More Speeches.

So how do you become a speaker?  Begin by:

·         Getting clear on your area of expertise – and developing your speaking topics.
·         Creating a speech outline.
·         Gathering good stories to share.
·         Crafting a strong opening and closing to a presentation.
·         Giving free speeches.
·         Listening to other speakers.
·         Hiring a speech coach.
·         Joining a professional speaking group and networking with other professional speakers.

Once you get some experience as a speaker, approach meeting planners, businesses, and organizations for paid speaking gigs.  You can look to work with speakers bureaus as well.

How can one sell books while speaking?

The Speaker Author says to do the following:

·         If speaking at a conference or seminar, include the name of your book as part of your session title.
·         Mention the name of your book during the presentation.
·         Offer a handout or bookmark as a takeaway that includes your book’s name and how to reach you.
·         Read from your book and hold a copy of it.
·         Have a method to capture the contact information of attendees (collect cards for a drawing, invite signups for a gift, ask people to sign in).
·         Mention your website during your presentation.
·         Use a PowerPoint or poster that includes the cover of the book and its title and your contact information.
·         Offer your book for sale after you speak and be sure to announce when and where your book signing will be.
·         When you sign your books, be sure to get a card or contact information from your reader.  Take photos of you holding your book with those who have purchased your book.  Post these on social media and share the post with your new readers.

The Speaker Author also covers key topics, including how to:

·         promote a speech.
·         get feedback on your presentation.
·         create your own speaking events.
·         develop a speaker one-sheet.
·         establish your unique position statement.
·         craft a speech that sells books.

Lastly, the authors provide some useful tips for authors who want to speak and come across strong.  Here are their seven strategies:

#1 – Do not read your presentation!
#2 – Speak up.
#3 – Express your passion for your book.
#4 – Share your story and engage others.
#5 - Ask questions and get your audience involved.
#6 – Tell your audience how they can reach you and buy the book.
#7 – End powerfully with an interesting story that leaves them wanting for more.

For more information, check out www.CathyFlock.com or look for any of her nine books.

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--Heinrich Heine

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--Zbigniew Herbert

“Talking without thinking is like shooting without aiming.”
--Zbigniew Herbert

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