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Oh, So This Is How You Promote A Book?!

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Authors may struggle to write a book and get it edited properly.  They may also struggle with locating a publisher or deciding how to self-publish.  But their biggest confusion – and challenge – comes when it’s time to market their book.  So just what are authors supposed to do when it comes to promoting or marketing a book?

The list of core basics include:

·         Creating a website.
·         Crafting press kit materials (book trailer is optional).
·         Devising a budget of money and time for marketing – along with a timeline and an identification of resources, connections, and assets.
·         Posting on social media regularly, such as Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.  You Tube, Instagram.
·         Having a blog and/or podcast, newsletter, or video channel.
·         Speaking (even for free at bookstores, libraries, churches, groups, business)
·         Advertising.
·         Sending your advance review copies three-and-a-half months prior to pub date to book reviewers at magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and online.
·         Joining certain communities such as GoodReads.
·         Designing business cards, stationery and even premiums like mugs, t-shirts, and pens to brand your book and name.

But book marketing has no end to it.  You can do 50 things to promote and market your book.  Here are some other items for your consideration:

·         Attend local conferences – you can network there and find people who may utilize you as a speaker, buy your book, or give you tools and ideas to promote yourself.

·         Make signs – little posters – and see if others will let you post them.  They could be put on bulletin boards at public locations.  You can put a poster on the side of your house or on your car.

·         Include your book for giveaways or resale at charitable events.

·         Join professional or regional organizations so that you can connect with members to promote your book.

·         Help out at a charitable event or something at a school, temple, or local gathering – and tell people about your book.

·         Ask friends and family members to each personally introduce you, via email, to 100 connections per person.

·         Give something away, online, so that when people come to your site, they will give you their contact into or buy your book in exchange for this free downloadable digital gift.

Host an event and ask invitees to each bring friends. Make it a book launch party. People may also run a lottery, send out a survey, or hold a contest.  These things can take more time and offer less payoff than you realize. Some marketing ideas are best left unexecuted.  But, no doubt, you’ll come up with innovative ways to get the word out about, well, your words.  

No matter what you do, do something. Every day.  If you keep at it – and do it wisely – you will see good things happen. You may have to wait months or even years for the true benefit of today’s efforts to come to fruition, but hang in there.

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