Sunday, November 1, 2020

Authors, What Do You Want From Your Network?


Networking is one of the most important things authors can do to advance their career, grow their brand, and sell more books. Many stink at it -- or simply don’t invest as much time as they should. Regardless of whether you like to network (you have to do it), the key ways to network are many, including:


Building connections on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.

Having visitors to your website sign up for something: free downloads, blog, newsletter, podcast, etc.

Schmoozing at in-person events and grabbing business cards

Asking your existing connections and relationships to introduce you to other people.


Have a networking mindset. Be where others are, whether online, by phone, or in person. Think always to introduce yourself – and ask people who they know and what they know. Keep notes.  Never be afraid to ask for a favor or to tell people what you do, what you know or what you need.


Your network can pay off in so many ways. It can provide the following


1.      Feedback on your ideas.


2.      Support for what you are doing.


3.      To buy from you.


4.      To refer people who will buy from -- or do something -- for you.


5.      To connect you with a third party that will help you for free or at cost.


6.      To send you reliable and proven vendors (ie – accountant, lawyer, distributor, Web designer).


7.      To learn of news and trends in your industry.


8.      To provide you with ideas and food for thought or to present success stories that you can copy or capitalize on.


9.      To locate a mentor or a circle of advisors (an unofficial board of directors), who can truly nurture you.


10.  To promote you through their resources – blog, newsletter, mail list, etc. – or refer you to friends in the news media.


11.  To share costs for a joint venture (could be as simple as buying an expensive gadget that you can share the use of or you hire a consultant jointly to get a discount).


12.  To learn from people who are not in your industry or area of expertise.


13.  To get invited to events, parties, conventions, and seminars.


14.  To exchange Web site links.


15.  To share your marketing materials or contact information with people they meet, places they speak, or people they work with.


16.  To be your testers or screeners – before you take something to market.


Your network is invaluable but it is cost-free to build one up. All it takes is some time, planning, commitment, and courage. Believe me, your networking abilities can greatly change hte4 trajectory of your writing career.  Your network can help you get a testimonial, find a literary agent, land a publishing deal, procure book sales, earn a speaking engagement opportunity, and all types of good things.


Now go work it!


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