Saturday, May 1, 2021

Writers Are Heroes, Even The Unpopular or Unpublished


Neil Armstrong.
Buzz Aldrin.
Michael Collins.

Michael who?

The first two men were heroes for being the first humans to stand somewhere other than on Earth, having successfully landed on the Moon in July, 1969. Collins piloted the Apollo 11 spacecraft Columbia, and did the behjnd-the-scenes grunt work that allowed the other two astronauts to be celebrated in the history books.

He traveled over a half-million miles but never stepped onto the Moon. He didn’t even witness the other men step onto the cratered territory.

Collins was the housewife in his day, important and useful, but publicly unacknowledged. He died last month, at age 90.

Do you feel this way, as a writer — important but not respected or known?

Here you are laboring to put out books so others can enjoy or make use of them. You then sweat book marketing, trying to figure what the heck to do — and to find the time, money, and people to successfully market your book.

Writers are the unsung heroes of America.

They give of their time, wallet, heart, and mindshare so that they can produce books that are worthy of our attention, that make a dent in our consciousness, and help us to either be better, do better, or enjoy life more. Writers help us see ourselves and inspire us to live up to our promise. They are there to pick us up when we are down or lost, when life has torn us apart and shown us our mortality. 

Books comfort us. They are our friends. When not leading us, they support us. Books help us see beyond what is, help us reinterpret what was, and most importantly, show us what could be. We need our writers.

Most writers are like Michael Collins, performing a heroic deed and helping others to become heroes, even if they themselves do not become known by name.

Writers, keep doing what you are doing. You may just feel like you are walking on the Moon.


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