Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Why Authors Must Sell What’s Free


Authors mistakenly think that what they sell is a book.

They think people will discover their book and buy it on the merits. Wishful thinking.

What they really sell is something free — which eventually leads to a book sale.

Think about it.

You offer free content — a blog, podcast, social media post, video, white paper — to lure people to your site and expose them to your brand and book. It is the freebie that you convince people to consume that then transitions the moocher into a paying customer.

Free is a lead generator to...

* Get them to your site, where a book or more stuff is for sale.
* Get them to your social media, which gets them to your site.
* Get them to sign up for something that gives you permission to keep them on your customer list for future upsells until they opt out.

Then, the book gets people to buy more. It gets them to purchase another product, even another book, which advertises your services, other books, courses, events, and products. And you can funnel the books and stuff of others — and earn a commission through affiliate sales.

Some people will even give their book away, but not because they feel charitable. They see the book as a loss leader, as something to sell a training or consulting service, a product, or even other books.

Emails, connections, clicks. It is raining money when you shower people with a blizzard of free content. Give a gift; earn a big payday.

People are not just merely buying a book or product. They are buying a solution to a problem, a window into another world, a chance to escape and be entertained. Thus, your free candy that lures people to you must also provide something of perceived value.

Seduce them by promising to meet their needs, fulfill desires, explore dreams, and meet their expectations. Solve problems. Entertain. Inspire. Educate.

Getting others to take something free is what leads to sales. You are not really selling a book, product, or service. You are selling what’s free, so start giving stuff away. Now. More. Again.


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