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How Do Authors Think Their Way To Better Book Marketing?

Authors, when marketing their books, look for lots of help. The first place they should look is in the mirror.

Yes, better book marketing can come from you.


By changing your thought process and thinking differently. Think about it.

I just read a book that I highly recommend, called Thinkertoys. It is an excellent read.

The book explores how to view challenges and problems differently — and how to recognize or create new opportunities.

“By changing your perspective, you expand your possibilities until you see something that you were unable to see before,” write the authors.

To think clearly, you need to feel optimistic and positive. Think back to when you experienced success. Build on that. Success breeds success.

“Paying attention to the world around you will help you develop the extraordinary capacity to look at mundane things and see the miraculous,” the authors note.

They suggest you:

* Keep a brainbank - a list of ideas, links, quotes, ads, cartoons, images, or stats that stimulate or inspire your thinking.

* Ask yourself: How can I sell 20 percent more than at present? What new selling techniques can I create?

* Write a list of your challenges, triggering solutions in the process.

* Challenge all assumptions.

* Break a challenge up into smaller pieces and map out solutions to each piece.

* Position yourself now to take advantage of new opportunities.

* Get to the crux of a problem and focus only on that.

* Relate a problem in one field to what you are seeking to do. See connections, parallels, relationships, and solutions to your domain.

* Take an existing item, service, or idea and manipulate it into something new and tailored for your situation. Make substitutions, additions, and deletions.

* Modify or magnify things. Reverse or rearrange things. Change people’s attitudes or assumptions in order to be open to your offering.

* Be prepared to look at the same information and facts that everyone sees but organize it into a new and different pattern.

* Generate lots of ideas — then judge them, but not until then.

“In order to get original ideas, you will always need a way to create new sets if patterns in your mind,” say the authors. “One way to do this is to force yourself to see relationships between dissimilar things. When you can do this, you will see ideas where none existed.... In the art world, however, it is common to put things together which have no obvious connection; the random juxtaposition of unrelated objects provokes new ideas.”

Other things that you can do manifest your book marketing destiny and think your way to success include the following:

* Guide your imagination. Think about something that you want to resolve before going to sleep and into dreamland.

* Fantasize about seeing a solution to your problem. Make believe things are different in the future. Now think of how you can make that future the present.

* Believe that every problem is solvable. When you do a puzzle, you know there is a solution, so you try harder with confirmation that there is an answer. Do the same with your challenges.

* Make new associations between people, things, and events. See relationships that didn’t exist before.

* Apply what-if thinking to your book marketing approach. What if something were changed. Would you then be able to capitalize on it?

* Imagine a paradoxical situation. Figure out what is a contradiction to, or the opposite of, a problem. Then, envision both worlds existing simultaneously.

* Believe that no problem is unsolvable or any barrier is too big to cross.

* Free yourself if preconceived notions and be open to surprises.

* Play like a risk-free, open-minded child.

* Crossbreed ideas.

* Look at things like E.T. See things through an unknowing lens.

* Avoid operating under self-imposed rules. Others nay not restrict themselves as you do. Free yourself up.

* If all else fails, do the opposite.

* Remember, everything is in flux. Change with the flow.

“Make it a habit to keep on the lookout for novel and interesting ideas that others have used successfully,” said Thomas Edison. “Your idea needs to be original only in its adaptation to the problem you are working on.”

Thinkertoys richly restocks its readers with approaches to our thinking that should lead to breakthroughs. I will leave you with four of scores of ideas shared in this terrific book:

* Brutethink: force a connection between two dissimilar concepts to furnish a new idea or reality.

* Hall of Fame: relate the wisdom of great thinkers to your situation and ideas.

* Ideatoons: use abstract symbols, pictures, logos, or icons to generate ideas.

* Stranger Talk: get ideas by increasing the number and kind of people you talk to about your challenges.

“In peace prepare for war, in war prepare for peace.”

-- Sun Tzu


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