Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Do You Have A Daily Book Marketing Plan?


Authors, in order to succeed, don’t just need to be great writers, but they must be very good organizers. They will need to become expert in being efficient. Call it time management, priority listing, goal-setting — or all of them.   

Authors, you certainly m must get into a grounded routine, where you can act and make decisions based on what you know has to be done.  

Authors, you must: 

·         Hold yourself accountable.

·         Set daily goals.

·         Review and analyze your progress/results.  

Ask yourself, every day: Which big book marketing activities shall I do today?  

·         Speaking Event

·         Social Media

·         Advertise Online

·         News Media

·         Paid Reviews

·         Networking and Working Your Network 

Also, ask yourself: What shall I do to write a book today?  

·         Write a book

·         Edit my book

·         Research stuff

·         Interview others

·         Re-write content  

Next, divide your day by assigning a rating of your tasks. Know what is truly needed now, what can wait a little or a lot, and what needs to be tended to. Think of a task as falling into at least one of these categories:  

·         Primary — Do what is urgent and important. One must be willing , ready, and able to act.  

·         Secondary —- See what needs attention and where now is as good as any time to do them. 

·         Experiment — Research, explore, or try new things. 

·         Get a head of the curve— Do something extra now. 

·         Plant seeds —To avoid falling behind, grow your plant before harvesting time. 

·         Organize—There is paperwork that always needs to be done — emails, bills, scheduling. 

·         Maintenance—Update things like your website or social media profile or tend to fixing something like creating a better press kit or replacing a computer or buying needed supplies. 

·         Development — Go build or expand on your services; improve content; create some other marketable product. 

·         Flex time — Take time to handle whatever unknowns or unscheduled tasks that come up. 

·         Fun time — You earned a break and should do something that makes you feel good. 

Plan, organize, focus, execute, take a break.. Every day. Go!



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