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Author Warns Of -- And Solves --Jobs Pandemic

Expert Who Warned of Today’s Job Pandemic Decades Ago Offers Fresh Solution -- And A New Dire Prediction -- In Controversial White Paper

One of the most exceptional clients that I have ever represented is Ed Gordon. his books deserve a lot of attention, as they cover the key areas of education, jobs, and the economy. I am working with him now to get out an important message that needs to be heard and embraced by all levels of government, business, and education. Don't say I didn't warn you! 

“By the end of this decade, the United States stands to lose 2.5 trillion dollars in its GDP, as more jobs will go unfilled, more adults will be unemployable, and the nation’s economy will fall behind many other nations,” warns Edward E. Gordon. “Most of the country won’t be able to simply lean on technology and automation. It will not get enough qualified workers through immigration, mergers, and talent poaching. Nor will outsourcing, in a competitive global market, be the answer. By 2030, we will see 30 million jobs go unfilled.” 

He should know. Gordon predicted today’s job pandemic (officially over 10.8 million job vacancies; he believes it is 12 million) decades ago, both in his books such as Skill Wars (2000), The 2010 Meltdown (2004), Winning the Global Talent Showdown (2009) and Future  Jobs (2013) -- and when his visionary work appeared 11 years ago in the award-winning film, Waiting for Superman. 

Providing cutting-edge analysis of the latest data from governments, businesses, education, non-profits, and industry research, the economist, historian, educator, entrepreneur, and founder of Imperial Consulting Corporation just issued an eye-opening white paper. Along with his wife, Elaine Gordon, VP of Imperial Consulting Corporation, they show what needs to be done to help America get back on its feet, especially in light of the Covid economy. Job Shock: Moving Beyond The Covid-19 Employment Meltdown To A New Skilled Talent Decade identifies the problems of today and tomorrow’s challenges -- and provides a blueprint solution that needs to be implemented now for the long-term. 

“America has to radically rethink its investment in worker training and education,” asserts Elaine Gordon, based out of Chicago. “Falling behind the world in what is a global meltdown of the skilled labor force is quite worrisome. It is an escalating crisis that has accelerated due to COVID-19.  Now is the time to vaccinate against a pandemic of job losses, worthless degrees, a shrinking economy, and failed businesses.” 

Here is the story by the numbers:

·         30% of all jobs in the US – 50 million – will be low-skilled in 2030. There are 110 million low-skilled workers. We’ll have a surplus of 60 million who have limited math and reading skills.

·         128 million jobs will require mid-to-high skills. Only 56 million will be qualified to fill these jobs, resulting in a deficit of 72 million jobs that will go unfilled or filled by unqualified people.

·         By 2030, the Baby Boomer generation of 79 million will be fully retired.

·         54% of U.S. adults, aged 16 to 74, – 130 million people – lack reading proficiency.


 Gordon’s “red alert” report outlines the following:

·         Why millions of jobs can’t be filled by today’s labor force (it’s not because of COVID only) – and what can be done to cure the skills gap, Baby Boomer retirements, and an education shortfall.

·         Why companies risk going under, making less money, or being bought out to survive.

·         How America can remain economically competitive during a global talent competition.

·         What educators and parents must do to ward off an impending careers disaster for graduates.

·         How college and career choices will need to change if tomorrow’s graduates are to thrive, unless we want to have a techno-peasant class of low-skilled workers in a high-skilled economy.

·         Why accounting rules need to be changed to allow for depreciation of training expenses.

·         How a public-private sector economic plan, what they call RETAINS (Regional Talent Innovation Networks), is making a difference against a demographics time bomb. 

“Today’s unprecedented economic upheaval presents an unprecedented opportunity,” says Edward Gordon. “The purpose of this Job Shock white paper is to trigger a major mindset change about the wide gulf between education and skills needed for the in-demand jobs of today and tomorrow, and the current state of the nation’s education-to-employment system. With millions of unemployed on one hand, and rapidly evolving job skill needs on the other, one can provide a way to solve the other’s problem.”                                                           

Edward E. Gordon is the author of 19 books. He is a historical economist who applies interdisciplinary solutions to address the skills-jobs disconnect and related economic development issues. He is the president and founder of Imperial consulting corporation which he founded in 1968. He has taught at several Chicago-area universities, including DePaul Loyola, and Northwestern. His work has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, and IBD, and on NPR and CNN. 

Elaine H. Gordon is Vice President of Research at Imperial. Since 1982, she has researched and edited all of its published research and co-authored several books with Edward Gordon. She was an Instruction Librarian at DePaul University for 14 years.                             

Imperial Consulting Corporation focuses on education-to-employment issues that rebuild the talent pipelines necessary for business, economic, and community growth. It also assists in career-technical education, literacy development, and career academies. Sample clients include US Departments of Education, Labor, and Commerce, as well as Allstate Insurance, Associated General Contractors of America, Motorola, Marriott Residence Inns, Microsoft, Penn State, Ohio State, State University of New York, and National Council for Workforce Education. For more information, please see

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