Sunday, July 14, 2013

Amazon Is The #1 Brand In The World

No surprise here: Amazon is ranked as the most desirable brand in the world for the second year in a row, according to an annual survey that measures how consumers think about, feel about, and act towards some 250 brands.

Apple slipped from 8th to 50th in a year.  Several large banks ranked towards the bottom.  Reese’s, Disney, Chobani, and Ben & Jerry’s rounded out the top five.

Brand recognition and appeal go a long way to helping a company grow its bottom line.  America has spoken and it loves Amazon.  But it used to love Apple, and it fell to 50th.  It used to love Facebook, but then its stock tanked.  See a pattern?

It’s hard to sustain a loyal relationship between brand and consumer.  But when you do it right, you can own the world.  Amazon is growing its empire, despite thin profit margins.  They still remain the top player in the book industry, not only by its volume of sales, but how it impacts price, availability, and service at other retail outlets.

Amazon can only go down from here, but then again, which brand will rise up to contest its superiority?


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