Friday, July 26, 2013

Do You Conduct A Butterfly Book PR Campaign?

Butterflies can be very beautiful as they gracefully float through the air.  They seem to be peaceful, gentle creatures.  They don’t bite, sting, smell or do harm.  Everyone loves them.  But they have a short life cycle.  The average lifespan is 20 days.

They burst onto the scene, live a fun but brief life, and then disappear.  Is that what your book publicity is like?  Do you make a colorful splash and then just go away?

Movie publicity campaigns are typically like the life of a butterfly – short and sweet.  Movies have a week or two before opening day – another two weeks afterwards – to make an impact. 

Then the buzz around them drops off significantly.

Books, however, have a longer shelf-life and window of opportunity for promotions.  

The butterfly approach does not work well for books.  True, there is a high-priority time to promote that centers around a book’s release date, but the PR campaign begins at least three to four months prior to a book’s publication date and continues for up to three months after that date. 

Depending on the news cycle, the book’s subject matter, and its sales, PR campaigns can stretch out even longer.

A book publicity campaign lasts longer than a fireworks finale.  It’s more of a marathon than a sprint.

However, not all days are equal in the six-month-plus campaign.  The early days are critical, in that they set the pace and tone.  The initial strategy development and story ideas that you come up with will dictate what happens later.  Further, the month prior to release date, and the month after, are the two most active months.  But plenty has to happen, on a daily basis, over a half-year, to successfully promote, market, and sell a book.

Butterflies are really pretty to look at and bring a smile to your face.  But a butterfly campaign for promoting a book will fall short of what’s really needed to put your book on the map.

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