Sunday, July 14, 2013

Is The Government Reading My Blog?

Big Brother is watching us.

There are cameras on the street.  Satellite dishes pointed at us.  Our emails are read, our phone calls listened to, and our credit card swipes monitored.  We are probably observed more than we realize, in ways we never imagined, thanks to technology, concerns over terrorism and power-hungry politicians.  I wish the government would read my blog.

Imagine how many more checks my blog would get if the spy nerds read it daily.  Is that what it takes to get a blog to rise in readership?  Sign me up!

But all joking aside, it creeps me out that the government or hackers are inside my computer.  As much as identity theft or credit card fraud concerns me, that is not what I fear from those who break into my computer.  I am more concerned that some profile is built of me, based on what I write.  So much is written that goes unpublished but its existence in my computer seems to count as being published by prying eyes.  And if they get into unpublished, unedited works aren’t they a step removed from being in my thoughts?

What’s worse – that these information pirates conclude correctly who I am and somehow use it against me – or that they draw the wrong conclusion and use that data to take action either against me or society?

Or perhaps my data is not just being monitored, but manipulated.  Maybe a digital profile of what I am is being rearranged, the way an artist’s rendition of its subject serves as an interpretation of the facts, but not a mirror image of them.

Perhaps the government will start writing my blog for me.  My smartphone suggests words to me as I begin spelling them in an email.  Maybe soon it’ll just suggest words, ideas, or phrases that I didn’t even intend to use.  Technology can assist us or it can lead us, and not always in the right direction.

Go back and look at your unpublished works.  Have they been altered or rearranged in some way?  Could you even tell if your tens of thousands of words were ever so slightly changed?  Or worse.  Maybe all these verses are from the government, trying to erase our words and files of data.  Maybe they are erasing our minds, digital bit by digital bit.

I honestly don’t know what to make of big data and the way corporations, hackers, or governments may be using technology to control, exploit or harm us, but I do know there are people or organizations that have been trying to take control of our electronic lives for some time.  It’s not about being paranoid or about any specific proof that I possess.  But it seems obvious that as long as something exists, someone or something threatens it.  It's criminal and military evolution.  Technology is the latest battlefield or frontier.  The world lives in a box with a screen, so that’s where those who seek to steal, fight a war, or win a race compete.

I hope the con artists, hackers, scammers, police, military, and overseas spies enjoy my blog.  They may have gotten to read it before you did but don’t feel disadvantaged.  You hold something that these other entities don’t – a purposeful heart.   Whereas we live for words that offer power behind them, they live to limit and contain their impact.  For us, words are a currency but for them they are a mere commodity, to be traded and used.

Is the government really reading my blog, your files, or your unpublished books?  I don’t know, and I’d like to think not, but it’s obvious they have the means and incentive to do so.


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