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The Naked Artist Is A Model To Us All

What do you do when you have seen a woman fully naked, from her full, firm breasts to her shapely buttocks – and then you meet her?

I was touring an art gallery in lower Manhattan a few months ago. Several floors were covered wall-to-wall, with images of a 24-year-old woman, seemingly a tease with her bare body. Her youth permitted her to just express herself this way, to be captured by 25 different photographers. She looked free and happy, unbound by society’s expectations or limits, unshackled by any fear or insecurity. She is a natural.

The images, both black and white and in color, lined the gallery as the day’s sun began to settle upon them. Her body was exposed from every angle. It wasn’t porn; it was art. Or was it? Could porn be art?

The model kneeled by me, huddled in the corner of the room. We hadn’t yet spoken and I’d already seen her from an intimate vantage point. Should I have taken my clothes off to equalize the situation? She was fully clothed in person, but there was no barrier that could cover the free spirit within her. Her eyes smiled eagerly. Her lips seemed poised to separate so words  could embellish the moment. But none were needed. I felt like I’d fallen into the photographs by being next to her. It is as if she leapt off the walls and gave breath to her art.

After a number of minutes of her watching my face for a hint of reaction to her art, and after me staring at her first on the walls and then in person, we spoke.

I asked her if something united how all the photographers saw her. She paused to reflect and then said she believes she represents performance art and each photographer captured some side of that. I didn’t know prancing, posing, or lounging naked is ‘performance art.’ On the other hand, one is naturally drawn to her playful side, envious not only of a body most women want and many men desire, but of her confidence to pull this off. She almost makes it seem so normal, to just shed our clothes and our inhibitions.

The exhibitor, at the Rox Gallery, went on for another month. I’d heard about it after reading in the New York Post, how the model, Natalie White, greeted people at the gallery topless. The neighborhood complained that images of her masturbating could be seen on the window. Cops came one day and she gave them a tour without her shirt or bra.

I asked her what she will do after the exhibit. She said she didn’t know and seemed fine not knowing, as if she couldn’t wait to see what surprise awaits her.

I inquired if she was working on a book. She said she has ideas for several photography books.

I suspect her books will be a little spicier than most coffee table books.

For one evening, it was nice to see and meet living art. This naked artist is a model to all who want to live their passion, pursue their purpose, and find pleasure in every moment.

Interview With Author Jeffrey Weber

What type of books do you write? I write all sorts of books on many different topics. I lead such an unusual life with many strange and funny things happening that my first three volumes were my autobiography. I followed Mark Twain's formats of thinking of unusual events that happened in my life and then devoting a chapter to them. My biography is aptly titled My Only Crime was Being Born. The book is funny and sad and has 100 pages of true love from all the pen pal letters between myself and my soon to be Filipina bride. Though the soon to be turned out to be seven years of pen pal letters. Next I revised my investing book titled I guarantee you will buy low sell high and make money and adapted it to the smash style so that I could sell an e-book version of my already written investing work.  Next I did something completely different and wrote and adults sexually erotic fiction book entitled the island of wanted submission. Somehow I felt the book in bed inside me my whole life and I had a get it out and I did.  I am currently working on a best of my tweets book or books as I have written over 40,000 tweets in the last four years and I think many of them are timeless and will be enjoyed by readers. Some of the topics that I focus on our religion, humor, quotes, politics, sarcasm, and philosophy. 

What is your newest book about?  I am currently working on a best of my tweets book or books as I have written over 40,000 tweets in the last four years and I think many of them are timeless and will be enjoyed by readers. Some of the topics that I focus on our religion, humor, quotes, politics, sarcasm, and philosophy. 
 What inspired you to write it? I received many compliments and retweets of my tweets and felt  readers would enjoys books of my tweets that contain masterful quotes, great religious quotes, my incredible sarcasm and unique views of life
 What is the writing process like for you?
I use Dragon Naturally Speaking to dictate as I feel my thoughts flow better.  Rather than writer's block I have writer's gush - the words just flow out so fast.  I usually dictate 2,000 -3,000 words a day but somedays when I'm not bothered I have written 10,000 - 15,000.
What did you do before you became an author?
I worked for the Army and later on the Air Force as an auditor.  Since I'm not exactly selling books like John Grisham I haven't quit the day job yet.
How does it feel to be a published author? 
It's a great and humbling experience.  It's also frustrating when you find out how hard it is to sell books as an unknown author.
Any advice for struggling writers?
Realize you have done your job when you have offered your best in a book.  Sales do not reflect on the greatness of your book.
 Where do you see book publishing heading?
I see it going more and more to ebooks.  That is good for beginning authors because regular publishers treat you like the plague. 

To find hisbook search for Jeffrey Weber on 

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