Monday, March 19, 2018

How Authors Can Capture One’s Attention

Authors love to write but it’s what they say about their writings that will dictate their success.

Even though books should stand on their own merits, in order to inform and excite others about a book, an author must go out there and talk it up.  What he or she says about a book will greatly influence others to seek out that book.  So what should one say – or not say – about it?

Well, it depends on the setting.  Is this a four-minute TV segment or a 20-minute podcast?  Is it a byline article or a post on Instagram?  Is it a bookstore signing or a speech before hundreds of people?

What you say, how you say it, and the visuals and sound effects that accompany your words will greatly impact your presentation.  Be aware of the tools and resources available to you.

No matter the setting or situation, you know you need to say or do something that will push people’s buttons.  Begin to put yourself in the shoes of your potential readers.  Think like them.  

What are their needs, desires, experiences, curiosities, or emotional states?  What do they expect you to say?  How familiar are they with you or your subject matter? What would surprise, enlighten, entertain, or move them?

I know that people will pay for a book if they perceive value.  Tell them what they should hear, including:

  • What they want.
  • What they need.
  • What they desire.
  • What makes them feel deep emotions, from fear to ecstasy.
  • Problems you will solve.
  • Things they didn’t know.

Fascinate them.  Dazzle away.  You are performing, like a dancer, singer, or actor.  Create some drama and controversy.  Take control of the situation.

What assets do you have to call upon?
  • Voice (sound, pace, inflections)
  • Energy and passion
  • Body language
  • Great ideas
  • Your words
  • Unique stories
  • Professional experiences
  • Personal insight
  • Physical appearance/dress/hair

Lead with a persona, a timely tone, an urgent situation, or something that captivates others.  Rise above the usual, the normal, the average.  Stand out with intention and you’ll get your book sold.


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