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Monday, October 15, 2018

Interview with Literary Agent & Hollywood Producer Ken Atchity

Ken Atchity, who has successfully negotiated hundreds of publishing and Hollywood deals, edited and written numerous books, was a professor of comparative literature and creative writing, and produced over 30 stories for television and film, is interviewed here by BookMarketing BuzzBlog:

1.      Ken, are you working with authors today?
I certainly am, more than ever, now that I’ve found a better way to do it. Through my webinars and services we can help with nearly every writer’s needs.

2.      What are some of the biggest properties that you’ve handled?
By far the biggest to date is THE MEG, which has recently passed half a billion dollars at the box office! The next biggest is the franchise DR. FUDDLE AND THE GOLD BATON, slated to be three live-action animation films.

3.      What do you enjoy about working with creative talent?
I enjoy almost every aspect of it, except for the bad craziness part. I love discovery, development, perfecting the story, publishing the story, and producing the story.

4.      As an author yourself, what advice do you have for other struggling writers?
Never stop learning your craft, never stop being grateful that you’re a writer, and never stop writing.

5.      What trends do you see in entertainment and book publishing?
The trend is toward an insatiable demand for better and better stories. It’s the greatest time for storytellers since the world began talking.

6.      You used to be a frequent columnist for The Los Angeles Times Book Review. How have the changes in the news media impacted the book world?
Changes have made it even more difficult for books to become visible, though the internet offers countless ways to achieve visibility.

7.      What’s a boy from Louisiana doing in LA and NYC?
Just back from a trip to Louisiana, I ask myself that every day. I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have spent a lifetime in the story marketplace directing the power of stories.

8.      Which genres excite you the most? Why?
Action and thrillers are my favorites, as well as Christmas stories, and powerful dramas; all of them have a huge attraction to the marketplace.

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