Saturday, December 1, 2018

Will Books Solve Our Problems or Help Us Only to Escape from Them?

Let’s establish a few things before we go any further:

Books can inspire, enlighten, educate and empower us. Once informed, we can take action to repair the world, reform our lives, and collaborate to build a better society.

Books also entertain us, offering an escape from reality, day-to-day responsibilities, and the shortcomings of an imperfect world.

So there’s a dichotomy here that needs reconciliation   Are books to only inform or only entertain us?  The answer is clearly both, and sometimes a great book should be able to do both.

So many people love books – just not the same ones.  There is widespread disagreement on which books are the best ones and should be read by everyone.  At any given time, most book readers are not reading the same book.  Rarely are we on the same page with what we are reading and how that book impacts each of us.  But books on the whole, can contribute so much to our lives.  Is it enough?

Will our books truly solve real problems, both on a grand scale and in our personal lives?  Will they help us escape from the world’s burdensome shortcomings and our individual troubles?  Are we seeking out the books that we NEED to read, WANT to read, or think we SHOULD read?

There are so many books that we really have to get through just to be in a position to help ourselves – and then others.  Think about it. 

Books can help us learn what school doesn’t teach us about health, diet, fitness, and fashion.  They can help us understand personal finances and investment strategies.  They can give us advice on friendships, family dynamics, and relationships.  They can get us through the phases of life, from which college to attend, which career to choose, how to buy and maintain a house, how to fix a car, throw a wedding, raise a child, travel abroad, cook ethnic dishes, understand how to heal from a loss, figure out how to be a good pet owner, and how to relieve stress.  The list of life’s needs, desires, and demands is long and there’s a book for all of it.

Books can also allow us to transport our minds to faraway places, go to imaginary worlds, move to other states or nations, ponder the impossible, fantasize about off-limits desires, and assume the life of people we likely will never live, from killer to billionaire.  They place us in the lives of those we are not and can never be – without forfeiting who we are.

We can be better, do better, and live better if we read more books – depending on which ones we and others read? 

But in the end, books alone can’t do much, not unless we allow them to shape our views, unite us, inspire action, comfort us, and give us the knowledge to act wisely.

Living without books won’t get us far.  Living as if only books mattered also won’t take us far.  We need to collaborate with books to make our world and lives better.  Now go read a book – and then take action.

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