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8 Ways Authors Overcome Book Marketing Roadblocks

Authors are tested every day to find the creativity, time, energy, and focus needed to write books and market themselves.  It’s similar to what a 300-pound person confronts daily – he or she has to summon the will, courage, time, and energy to both watch which foods are consumed and how much to exercise.  

Like the overweight individual, the author confronts a daily battle that’s fought in the mind as much as in the physical world.  So what can help authors overcome roadblocks, needs, fears, and bad habits when it comes to promoting a book?

1.      Pause -- Sometimes the best thing to do when we feel overwhelmed or burdened is to take a break, step back, and take a breather. Take a walk or do something that clears your mind and relaxes you. Then give yourself a pep talk and see where you can implement some modifications to how you have been approaching things. You may just need a fresh start.

2.      Therapy – Sure, most people think of seeing a therapist when they have a major problem to confront, perhaps an addiction, relationship struggles, parenting issues, or career conflicts.  They could be depressed or on the edge.  But one can see a therapist as a coach and seek out professional guidance on how to overcome whatever stands in their way. Sure, it may sound a little funny to tell a therapist you are there because you want to market a book and can’t jumpstart the process, but it’s really no different than any other barrier that people seek the help of a therapist to break, from losing weight, switching jobs, or opting out of a bad marriage.

3.      Education – Some fears come because there is a legitimate reason to feel insecure, unsure, or directionless.  You simply may lack the necessary information and understanding of what to do.  Start by reading up on book publicity strategy or general marketing tips. Learn about the media, traditional and social.  Study up on advertising trends.  Once you have current information you can work from a position of knowledge.

4.      Buddy Up – Whenever you enter a new situation you get paired up with a mentor or someone in the same boat as you.  In school you get paired with another student.  At a new job, someone shows you the ropes.  On a sports team, someone works out with you.  It is the same with books and authors.  Join a group of authors and share information and ideas, and be there to support each other.  They know exactly what you’re going through, while most others do not.

5.      Plan – You have more chances of success by putting a plan together.  Outline your goals and a timeline to achieve them.  Identify the micro-steps needed to fulfill each level of the process.  List your resources and note what you need to complete the job.  By planning ahead you give yourself time and power to succeed.

6.      Help – You may feel stopped in your tracks simply because some tasks are beyond your area of expertise and skill set.  Or there’s something you really don’t want to do but know it needs to get done.  In such a case, outsource it and employ a hired gun.

7.      Success – Nothing helps you do more and perform your best like success.  Start small and build up your stamina.  Find things you are good at and like to do, whatever the task, and once you get some wins under your belt it becomes easier to replicate success.

8.      Rewards – This can work two ways.  You can give yourself an incentive to achieve – a reward if you hit certain benchmarks along the way of your book marketing journey.  But you can also pre-reward yourself and celebrate on Day 1, like a kick-off or launch party to wish you success as you embark on your pursuit of book marketing victory.

Many authors will slip and fall along the way.  They find new stumbling blocks and unanticipated struggles.  They get up and move forward.  Then they try hard, do all that they believe is needed, and still fail.  But they don’t give up.  They move forward.  Soon they learn the ropes and get some small wins.  Now they reach higher, further, and beyond what’s in their field of vision.  They extend themselves out of their comfort zone.  Most will falter, but some can and will break through.

Don’t give up or deny yourself the chance at success.  No one said this is easy or that one gets what they want right away.  But writing a book can be fulfilling and marketing a book successfully can open up doors that will lead to more books, greater pay-offs, and the deep satisfaction of knowing that by believing in yourself and your words that you matter – and that the world is better off for it.

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