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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

5 Ways Of Bestseller Book Marketing


That is what you must tap into when promoting and selling your book.

Sure, you’re marketing the substance of your content, highlighting your credentials, showing why your book is unique or better than the competition, and making strong claims on the benefits your book offers, but that’s not fully what convinces people to buy from you or give it media attention.

You become convincing, desired, interesting, and necessary once you tap into these five areas:

1. Personality – Your personality must resonate with others.  You won’t be liked by everyone, but can you be seen by most in a favorable light?  How you talk, dress, and act will allow others to form a gut-instinct opinion of you.  Do you seem sincere?  Threatening?  Passionate?  Is your voice pleasing to the ear or your appearance to the eye?  Are you funny?  Do you tell good stories?  Do you sound knowledgeable, honest and driven?  People need to like you or at least feel comfortable in your presence. They have little to go off of initially, so they form quick opinions of you that will either reward or doom you.

2. Perceptions – How they view you, as well as the world, will also determine their ability to connect with you.  By asking questions – and not passing judgments or strong views, you can begin to learn how they see things and then you can play into those perceptions.

3. Values – This cuts to the core of who the other person is.  How do they see themselves. Do they belong to certain demographic groups that they identify with (i.e. strong woman, proud black man, faith-driven Christian)?  Do they value certain belief systems, political persuasions, or something else that they feel tied to? Whatever they identify with you need to tap into and relate to on some level.

4. Ideals – Express things in the extremes and play up the ideal way of looking at things.  One won’t merely be good at something.  They want to be the best.  They don’t just lose weight; they become thin beauty queens.  They don’t merely make money; they become wealthy.  So figure out what their goals are and state them at the ideal level. Allow them to dream big and to visualize reaching their targets and rising to greatness.  Make them feel that what they want is achievable.  This doesn’t mean to lie or bullshit them, but it also means you shouldn’t stand in the way of their vision.  No one likes a Debbie Downer or a naysayer.

5. Emotions – This is a crucial area to tap into.  What is the emotional mindset of the person you seek to influence or impact?  Are they happy or sad, filled with fear or joy, totally energized or quietly depressed?  Once you know what’s on their mind and which emotions push their buttons, you can tap into their emotional state as you use it to your advantage.

I know we are talking about selling a book and not a time-share, gym membership, or a car, but the principles are similar.  People buy – whether it’s a buck-twenty-five candy bar or a million-dollar home-based on values, ideals, emotions, perceptions, and personality.  Don’t underestimate the importance of tapping into the lives of those you seek to market to.

Your customers will tell you everything you need to know in order to effectively market to them.   Just observe, listen, and ask.  Express statements that endear others to open up to you and you will have your path to market your book.


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