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14 Steps To The Book Marketing Diet

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A little over three weeks ago I went on a diet.  I was finally ready to commit – out of anger and fear – to take hold of my health and life.  I already feel and look better, though not ready to claim victory.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  It’s a way of life – forever.  But as I reduce my caloric intake, increase my level of exercise, and start to make smarter choices of what goes into my body (I’m avoiding bread/chips/crackers), I realize that in similar fashion, authors need to go on a book marketing diet and find a system that works for them to get them where they want to be.

Diets are not easy.  They take honesty, planning, discipline, sacrifice, decisions, and resources to make them work.  The same is true with book marketing approaches by authors.  So, knowing there’s a high diet failure rate – and a high rate of failed authors, what should be done by the writer who wants to grow her brand, increase his book sales, and get an empowering message out there?

Step 1:  Commit Yourself
You may not know everything that will need to be done to succeed at the start, but you know to do little or nothing will get you nowhere.  Make a commitment to yourself, of yourself, to dedicate the time, energy, and resources to successfully market your book.  Meet challenges head on.  No reason to lie to yourself or delay action or to make excuses.  See that you can control your destiny.  Dream, but act now.

Step 2:  Remove Psychology Of Failure
Don’t accept failure or assume defeat is imminent.  Instead, do things – take real action steps and get out of your negative, fear-filled self-talk, and look to increase the odds in you favor.  Park your excuses and long list of shortcomings or past failures.  Fresh start, new day.  If you just want to whine and be a victim and settle for drama instead of actual success, quit now.

Step 3:  Be In Shape
You don’t need to be a multi-sport athlete to be good at marketing a book, but you do need energy and brain food.  Eat better, sleep right, and work out to relieve stress.

Step 4:  Visualize Success
Call it meditation, prayer, or plain old visits to a therapist, but get your head focused on what needs to be done and what your success will look like.  Be singularly focused on the task at hand and on the goals you seek to achieve.  No distractions, no stalling out, no bullshit.

Step 5:  Educate Yourself
You will need to learn more about marketing, publicity, advertising, social media, and speaking. Do your research online.  Read trade publications, attend seminars, take workshops, or buy instructional books.  Read my blog!  Knowledge is power.  You need to know what is available to you, how things work, and ways to improve.

Step 6:  Rely On Support
Reach out to friends, family colleagues, neighbors and anyone who has ideas, connections, or a sounding board.  You are not in this alone!  Additionally, consider getting professional help on the areas you are weakest in or simply don’t have time or the skills or desire to pursue.

Step 7:  Change Habits
You can’t keep doing what you do and expect new results.  Determine what you want to change in how you approach marketing your book and then go down that fresh path.  Take risks.  Challenge yourself.

Step 8:  Act Out of Urgency, Not Desperation
Be moved to act, every day.  No delays.  No time for massive planning and pondering.  No waiting, for ideal circumstances.  Plunge in and immerse yourself.  But don’t act out of desperation.  Stay calm.

Step 9:  Put In The Time
Book marketing takes time.  A lot of it.  You don’t just email 10 people and get all yesses.  You need to do research, email, call, send books, make public appearances, craft pitches, create a website, be active on several media, etc.  Schedule your time – set priorities – and be willing to make a proper effort over the long haul.

Step 10:  Have A Plan
Simple enough:  make a book marketing plan.  It may include key areas:  speaking, media, social media, direct mail, advertising, etc.  For each of those areas, determine what needs to be done. Set deadlines.  Realistically put time and resources aside to get the plan going.  Periodically evaluate progress and revise the plan as needed.

Step 11:  Know Your Why To Know Your What
You can’t do anything without knowing what you should be doing – and to do that you need to know why you are executing a book marketing campaign and why you wrote the book.  Your goals will define the action steps needed.  Are you looking to boost your brand?  Sell books?  Be a best-seller?  Get one job/promotion – or launch a business?  Trying to impact lives and share a positive and empowering message to a targeted group?  Prioritize your why.

Step 12:  Brainstorm
Part of any venture is having time to think/create, and brainstorm.  Find others who can help you think out loud on how to resolve challenges or pursue your goals.  Come up with your best ideas – research others – and then commit to them.

Step 13:  Park Your Ego Or Sense Of Entitlement
You don’t deserve anything but what you earn.  Don’t assume everyone should like you or want your book.  Most don’t and won’t.  Go out there and prove your book is worthy of media attention and book sales.  Don’t demand it – pursue it and work hard and smart to succeed.

Step 14:  Celebrate Small Victories
Work hard, play hard.  Every step taken towards achieving a big goal means smaller benchmarks need to first be hit.  Celebrate these wins on your way to the big prize.

If many of these steps are not taken -- or you try and fall short -- do not despair. Get back on your book marketing diet -- or buy a big chocolate cake to eat your sorrows away.

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