Friday, August 2, 2019

The Science of Questioning Book Marketers

I have a group of friends that I exchange texts with, regularly covering everything from sports and politics to pop culture and what’s in the news.  Often we debate over things without resolution, from socialism vs. capitalism to Trump to climate change.  Their denials on climate change deeply concern me.  How could educated, good guys not understand the planet’s on a course with disaster?  But it also concerns me that if we can’t agree on core things like facts and science, how will any issue get resolved?  But this blog is not about that.  There is a book marketing angle here.

The fact that what seems like accepted knowledge is denied by others also makes me think that while we need to trust in experts, we still have to question things.  I would think that any sound questioning would lead us back to conclude we are polluting the planet and humanity is influencing the weather to some degree.

The truth is, I am not a climate scientist and none of my friends are either.  None of them work in a lab or have access to all of the data on this subject.  None of them associate with climate scientists or attend conferences on the subject.  None of us can say for sure what is happening to our planet – or why.

So we have scientists, trained under rigorous standards, following scientific discovery practices, and over decades, share information.  Internationally, governments, scientists, and the media seem to have drawn the conclusion that global warming is real, that humanity contributes to it, and that there’s still time to prepare against the weather changes, and to a degree, slow down the course we are on, or even reverse it.

Ok, so where’s my book marketing connection to a discussion about science?

Well, just as my friends question science and other experts, so should authors question the experts out there, including me, a book promoter for three decades.

Why would I ask you to question me or those who should be in the know?

Because by questioning things, you will either affirm my proficiency and trust in what you are doing – or you will find others are wrong or that you have a better way of doing things that work for you.

My friends should question the science, but they should do so by testing the methods scientists used to make their conclusions.  They must not listen to coal-industry supported deniers or read error-filled rants found on right-wing blogs.  They need to counter science with science and look to get to the bottom of things.  You too, should challenge book marketing pros by participating in book marketing.

In book marketing, you have:

·         Professionals who know what’s they know, but they may not know everything.  Learn what else is out there.

·         People who try something and fail, and then conclude that such an activity won’t work.  But perhaps under different circumstances, it will.

·         Those who think you can throw money to fix any problem.  It doesn’t always work that way.

·         People who operate out of misinformation and a misunderstanding of the facts, thus they fail because they really didn’t cook their turkey according to the recipe.

·         Wildly optimistic people and deeply pessimistic people.  Neither are going to be right all of the time.

·         A lot of people trying to separate authors from their money, with services ranging from website development, SEO, getting reviews, advertising, publicity, marketing, social media, etc.  How does the author know what he needs, who to trust, and how to prioritize these things?

·        Authors blinded by ego who think the world desperately needs their book, where all of their decisions, expenditures, and actions are driven by their misguided belief in their book.

Everyone should question the experts and the truth should start to appear.  I believe that my friends are right to question science, but at some point they should conclude what has been uncovered – that the Earth is endangered by man.  And you should question the book marketing world – and then conclude you need to get going on your book publicity campaign!

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