Thursday, February 6, 2020

Does Book Publishing Need Its Own Butt Bowl?

Let's Get Political About Jennifer Lopez's and Shakira's Butts

The world of books is filled with some very talented authors who lag behind in their book marketing process. There are many terrific books that fail to get their due attention, simply because the authors and publishers need something like a Super Bowl half-time show to get people excited about books.

Ah yes, Super Bowl LIV, now known as the Butt Bowl, where J. Lo had an Ass-Off with Shakira on the biggest stage the world offers. One hundred million people witnessed Miami’s football field being turned into a strip club arena. Family friendly it was not, as each celebrity known for shaking her posterior went all out to make sure all eyes were on their prized possession.  Their gyrating most certainly registered on a seismic meter.

But -- no pun intended – all singing and dancing aside -- the show was a success. Why?  Because it got people to tune in and it got a lot of post-game buzz, setting up the stage for even more viewers at next year's game. That is a marketing bonanza.

I’m not suggesting that authors suddenly jiggle body parts to get attention for their books, but I am saying the industry needs, no, demands, an annual event that delivers public affection for books, authors, and publishing.

It needs:

·         Star power.
·         Drama and action.
·         Big prize money.
·         Controversy.
·         Competition.

So how can the cerebral book world do this?

First, invite A-list authors. But add in actors, musicians and famous people. Books are by and about all kinds of big-name people. Get them involved.

Second, act out some scenes and bring some theatrics to display exciting, engaging, action-filled or dialogue-delicious sections of books.

Third, offer some major awards and huge prize money. Something should be up for grabs or at stake.

Fourth, build up some competition and controversy. Spin some tales about how some authors hate each other or how a publisher missed out on a big book. Give me some personality, suspense, and drama. Make it a bit of a reality show.

Let’s face it, books can’t compete with Shakira and J. Lo displaying their talents, but the industry can do far more than run PSAs to go read books. We need some stars, hype, and fun injected into the quiet world of libraries, bookstores, and editing roundtables.

We know books are amazing. Now let’s bedazzle those who need to be inspired to read more and celebrate all that books mean to our society.

Maybe Shakira and J. Lo can dance in costumes made out of bookmarks?

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