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10 Solid Publishing Insights As Writer’s Digest Turns 1-0-0!


Writer’s Digest is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020. Even with the Internet, plenty of books on writing and publishing, and other magazines on the subject, Writer’s Digest still retains its leadership position for writers looking to know the latest way to write, research, edit, and publish a book today.


So, what are the best practices for writers in search of publishing fame?


In the current edition of Writer’s Digest, Robert Lee Brewer crafted a list of 100 publishing insights. I want to explore 10 of them – with my own slant.


1.      Put Your Writing First

Dedicate your life to your writing. This means being disciplined, scheduled, and focused. Be ready to make sacrifices and tough choices. You need to find the time and proper mindset to write – and to dream, read, research, edit, and re-write. How serious are you about your writing? Show me.


2.      Read Interviews With, And How-To Articles By, Other Successful Writers

Learn from others, even model some of their styles, work ethic, or attitude towards writing. Learn by experimenting, but also from pros who have succeeded.


3.      Find Something Your Target Readership Needs Or Wants

Fill a void, solve a problem, serve a need. No reason to provide more of the same. Look for a hole to fill. You don’t write for everyone, so narrow down who your reader is and what will impress him or her.


4.      Whether Virtual Or In Person, Build Your Writing Community

Social media, speaking, advertising, traditional media, and in-person networking are powerful ways to build your brand and grow your platform . Always add names to your list.


5.      Remember That Few People Find Success Without The Support Of Others

It is hard to go through life solo. Learn from others, hire assistants, and collaborate with others and share resources and ideas in the hopes others will do the same with you. The key to success is teaming up with others.


6.      Avoid Feeling Like You Know Everything There Is To Know About Writing

Keep learning. Read books and blogs. Listen to educational podcasts. Take webinars, seminars, and courses. Hire a consultant. Experiment. The day you say you know it all is the day you stunted your growth. Things change, so you should change with the times too.


7.      Develop A Business Plan

Writing is a business. You, as a writer, are a solopreneur. That means keep receipts and declare tax deductions. Map out income resources --  will you publish books, create a course, write articles, and share content for a fee? Have a marketing plan – ads, speaking, social media, book signings, and traditional media. You can rise high, but plan ahead.


8.      Sometimes The Most Productive Action You Can Take Is To Step Away From The Screen

Taking a break is a good idea. Rest and renew. Your whole world may feel like it flows through a screen – we shop, get our news, email, zoom, entertainment, and work through a screen. But you can also call people, see them in person, attend an event, reads a book, or find information and resources beyond a device.


9.      Experiment With Various Social Media Platforms

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are the big ones. Tik Tok and Parler are growing fast, too. You can’t be everywhere, all the time. Pick two or three to be active on, learn well, and set up camp in.


10.   One Strong Connection Is Worth 1,000 Anonymous Followers

Not all people are equal. Connecting with a publisher, literary agent, journalist or influencer may prove to be more valuable than a zillion connections with random people. Target whom you connect with. Sure, build up your social media numbers, but seek out those who are quality leads and have influence.


Learn, Grow, Succeed!!


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